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no civilisation

This was my first trip on shrooms.

This was my first trip on shrooms.I wouldn't say that it was a bad one or a good one,i think it was both.
I had been planning to be tripping on shrooms for about 4 months.I read a lot of reports and i even succeeded to get shrooms as it's quiet hard to get any in Hungary(or at least it was for me).So yesterday was the day that seemed to perfect to go tripping in the woods with one of my best friends.
Unfortunately i don't know the amount we had ingested.
Anyway at arond 8 30pm we went up to the woods and found a seemingly perfect place for our first psychedelic trip.
We ate our shrooms at around9.00pm sat down and waited for it to hit,although we didn't really know what to expect.

After about 1 hour it started.First we were only fooling around,laughing and talking about stupid things and didn't firts realised that this was already the trip.
First it felt to both of us like we had smoked weed and felt a bit upset as we expected more to happen although it was still really enjoyable.
Then we decided to go on a walk.We ere walking really slow and as we were drunk almost during the whole trip.I think it hit my friend more than me as at around 10 30pm he started seeing strange visuals on a stone wall.I didn't experience any visuals but i was together with my friend wandering around and i raelised that i was so angry on the whole civilisation.I saw houses hidden in the forest,radio towers ,and man made road that freaked me out.Then i saw my friends face like it was frióom a 3d movie where you have the red and blue colors.It was really strange.

At around 00.00pm WE made it back to my friend's house as i felt a bit bored as nothing really special happened to me and i felt that my not too intense but still funny trip was about to end.My friend was still totally crasy,he acted as Johnny DEpp in FEar and loathing in las Vegas after taking ether.
Back on our way i had this strange visual that i was surrounded by fences but shortly after it ended.
When we got back to the house we both decided to go to bed
I turned off the lights in my room and sat in a chair trying to relax for a short.I was staring at the wall when it suddenly started mooving, so i told my friend about it,who at this time (the next day he told me)was wathcing TV
and was still trippin real hard.When i got back to my room the visuals were gone .
Now this time did the bad part begin after left alone in the dark room.

I started thinking about my trip as i again felt that it was over and i got so much confused in my thoughts for about two hours that i felt i was gonna go crazy for my whole life and i knew i had to do anything else than this as i couldn't put up with this feeling anymore.

So i went down in the kitchen and started wathcing tv.I think this was a really good decision as i didn't feel weird no more just very tyred after 1 hour of watching the national geographic so i went to sleep.

I think it was worth trying especially for the 3 hours in the forest and overall it was not a bad trip but i think i won't do it to often ,or if i will ,then i won't stay alone for a single moment because i think i would really go crazy next time.

I will rate it as a level 2 but it can be alevel 1 or 3
also.I don't really know,so

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