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NIN and Shrooms :)

My friends and I went camping a few months ago.

My friends and I went camping a few months ago. It was a nice fall evening in Texas. We decided to enjoy the evening a little more by taking some shrooms. We took several shrooms each and laid back to enjoy the evening. We had just bought these new recliner like foding chairs and were gazing at the stars. It was an amazing view. The stars looked as if they were tiny tears in the black fabric of the night. Every time you tired to focus on a single tear, it became blurry. Around this time a few of friends started to freak out and needed to leave the group. I had brought a headphone walkman with the new Nine inch Nails album. I started to play the right disc. If you haven't listened to this disc on shrooms yet, you're in for a great surprise. At first I thought that the tape was messed up. The batteries seemed to be dying. i could hear the song getting slowere and slower. At the time i was about to change the batteries is when I noticed that the music was keeping a fast beat. The slow musical sound was intentional. I thought that this was the most interesting thing I had ever heard. I made all of my firneds listen to the song. Several of my firneds are not into NIN, but everyone agreed that this was the most trippy music that they ever heard.
After awhile I decided to go for a walk to a little tree that was pretty gnarled. It only seemed to be about 100 yds away. I started to wlk towards it but, I kept falling down. I could not make it across this weed filled landscape. The next day I learned that there were huge rocks that my feet kept slipping through. I eventually laid down and enjoyed the rest of the visuals

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