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An Introduction

A document to welcome newcomers to the Shroomery and let them in on what's going on.

The Basics

Welcome to the Shroomery!

You have reached a guru site packed with information about growing, finding and using hallucinogenic, or 'magic' mushrooms. As a hobby, or lifestyle choice, this can be an immensely rewarding experience. However, like many hobbies or choices, this one is not for everyone. To find out if it's for you, there are a few questions you might like to think about.

Who Are You?

Are you reasonably sane? Emotionally stable? Confident? Self-assured? Capable of making decisions and living with the consequences? If you don't feel positive and happy and joyful at the idea of taking a powerful natural hallucinogen, then it's possible that mushrooms are not right for you.

What Do You Want?

If you just want some mushrooms for the coming weekend, or just to get off your face on a regular basis, then you're probably in the wrong place. It's *very* unlikely that you'll find anyone here willing to sell mushrooms, although you'll find plenty of links to suppliers who can provide you with everything you need to start growing a batch of your own. There are also many excellent techniques and FAQ (collections of material covering the most Frequently Asked Questions), to help you get the best results when growing, and comprehensive guides to help you identify some of the more common species if you want to pick your own in the wild.

Why Are You Here?

Looking for a fast, cheap and easy method of growing 20 kilos of super-shrooms overnight? Yeah, so are many. If you'd care to join us, add your knowledge to our own, we all stand a little better chance of getting there. Know nothing at all about mushrooms? Then you're just like everyone else when they first started. Nobody's born knowing this stuff. But it's out there, in a huge knowledge base on the Shroomery message boards. This site has a complete spectrum of skill levels, from the rawest newbies, to experienced grower, to A Mad Scientist[TM]. Nobody minds answering questions, as long as you made an honest attempt at looking for the answer first.

Where Are You Going?

There are people who think that doing mushrooms is 'just for fun'. True, a psychedelic experience can be a wonderful thing, full of color and joy and original thoughts and concepts. Although bad trips can happen, they seem rarer on mushrooms than other psychedelics. But the experience, good or bad, can and will change you. Are you here simply in search of something to make the weekend rave even more of a good time, or is this a step in a life-long journey of change, growth and discovery? Neither is intrinsically good or bad. Both have their merits.

How Do Mushrooms Grow?

Mushrooms are fungi, not plants. They produce spores, not seeds. When these spores find food, they produce mycelium, which grows through the food supply like white threads, eating as it goes. This can take days or weeks to complete. When conditions are right (such as the food supply being exhausted, or the temperature dropping below a certain level), the mycelium produces the fruiting bodies, which usually grow quite quickly. These are the mushrooms, which sprout above the ground, and open up until they drop their spores to continue the cycle.

Is Growing Mushrooms Difficult?

It's not rocket science. On the other hand, it's slightly more complex than baking a cake. You may not achieve perfect results first time. Buy a good quality spore syringe from a reputable company and follow one of the basic cultivation guides and you should have as good a chance of success as anyone.


If you've read this document, chances are that you're an absolute beginner. So were we all, once. You have a lot to learn. So do we all. Nobody knows everything. There is no one perfect foolproof method (although many of the Mad Scientists[TM] are working on exactly that!). The contents of this site comprise possibly the single largest resource to be found anywhere in the world on this fascinating and illuminating subject. Learn from your mistakes. Use the message boards to tell us about them and about your successes. Every mistake you make and tell about, means one less mistake every other new grower has to make. Every success takes us all closer to the day when this information is so widespread that no-one will ever be able to stop it or destroy it. On that day, the 'War on Drugs' will be over forever.

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