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night in the house

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it was around 10:00pm when i decided to chow down my half 8th of shroomz,i wanted them to kick in so badly, jus waiting and waiting for the fun to come,i sat at my comp talkin to my friends waiting,about 45min after, i started to see that the outlining of the computer screen seemed really shiney, like light was beaming out of the sides,i decided to go to a trip site called www.larrycarlson.com, my trip wasnt at its peak yet,but i was still trippin, looking at the weird graphics of the site, as they would morph and squiggle around, my friend D, jus sat there watching me, knowing he wanted to trip, but he didnt have any shroomz,i got bored of the comp so i went in my room,i layed on my bed while me and D watched done be a menace, which was pretty fuckin funny, the TV screen looked like it was floating around, like it was just a screem, with out a box around it,i noticed that one of my striped blankets, started turning to rainbow colors,i was amazed by its beauty,i wanted to relax so i layed back on my bed, i looked up at the ceiling, and it was a purplish green color, with outlinings of a bunch of gecko lizards all over my ceiling,it amused me much,i liked it, so i jus layed there for a while staring at these geckos,this is about 11:45 now or so, i lean over off my bed, and look at my carpet, when i get suprised by seeing 100's of white colored spiders all over my carpet, i was scared to try touching one of them, so i stayed put,i decided to walk through the house cuz i was full of energy,my house was pitchblack dark, and when i got the the wade space in my living room, i felt like i was walknig on the moon, walking really slowely, like i was floating,i also had a feeling like i was really drunk, staggering around, almost falling on the ground cuz i could barely walk,me and D go to the kitchen to make pizza, and i ended up standing by the light switch, switchin it on and off, watchin D's face dissapear in the darkness,i did it so long, my mom woke up, and asked me what i was doing,she then thought that i was smokin weed,got really mad,and then went to bed, so then i went back to my room, at about 2:00am now,and i decided to let my friend M, come sneak in and we played mario cart, which was very fun, my visualz and all where almost gone, but i was still energetic, and seemed to get really deep and detailed in conversation wanting to know everything, while M and D kept telling my i was dumb and acting retarded, i dont know why, but the whole night i was thinkin to myself, hitting myself in the head, asking myself why i was doing such dumb shit,i would always stand up and say were going to go get food, and i would jus stand in that place for 5 minutes in peace saying nothing, that incident probably happened 3-4 times that night,anyways, its about 3:00am now, and i decide to go to sleep, which took me a while

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