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New Year's Eve trip

hey everyone!

hey everyone! now if u read alot of Trip Reports, this may seem a little bit familier to you. one of my friends wrote about his description, but i thought it needed a little work! so here it is, i hope you enjoy it. It was the eve of New Year's Eve, me and my 2 best buddies, Dev and Aaron had wanted 2 chew mushies for quite some time, and once New Year's came around, we jumped at the opprotunity. So me and Aaron went downtown and bought a half quarter of mushroom's from our regular dealer. The next day(New Year's Eve) Dev and Aaron were supposed to go over to Dev's house for New Year's Eve dinner with Dev's parents and relitive's. my mom left the house, i was getting anxious. it was 9:00, getting sorta late, so i called them up, they said that they would be done soon. well, they ended up finishing theyre dinner at 11:00. once they came over to my place, we all ran down stairs and busted out that nice baggy on mushies. We divided them up into 3 doses, and left a little bit remembering reading about being careful on your first trip, so we played it safe and munched down approxamitly 1.5 grams each. We went up stairs and just chilled out for a little while, remembering that Dev and Aaron had to go back to Dev's house for midnight. i told them they gotta be back to watch the fireworks that were going to be set off in the big park behind my house, they told me it would be cool. so they left, and i was watching the count down on TV, and noticed that about 3 seconds before midnight, the fireworks had already started. as soon as i noticed them me and my brother quickly ran out on the deck. I had only chewed the mushies about an hour ago, so i was nowhere near the peak, but i could sence that things were a little stange. the fireworks were neat, but nothing special, not that different if i was watching them completely sober. once the fireworks ended, i saw Dev and Aaron running back over to my place, since he only lives next door. we all agreed to finish off the mushies since we were already havving a good time. time past, and we decided to go out on the deck. it was so peaceful out. The clouds were so beiutiful, and we were seeing all kinds of desings and stuff in them. then, we came across a cloud that looked like something from Care Bears or soemthing! this big puffy cloud with a big smile on his face, peace signs as tires, and many many happy faces placed thoughout him. At that point Aaron came up with the theory that his name was Mr. Cloud, and that he only appears when you are on mushies, and that he would guide us, and keep us from havving bad trips. Me and Aaron were looking down into my backyard, were the ground just sorta drops off at the end like a cliff. then he said that it looked like there was a ghost at the edge of the cliff staring up at us, and then about 20 other ghosts appeared behind the first ghost. The funny thing was, before he even said all of that, i was thinking the exact same thing. We all saw it, and Dev and Aaron wanted to go inside,since it looked pretty creepy, but i said to them " guys, chill out, its not really happening." once i had said that, i looked over way out into the distance, into the city, and a big cloud from a factory in the city in the shape of a shark was comminig out to attack me. but since Dev and Aaron were experiencing somewhat of a bad trip already, i felt that they didnt need to know because it was sorta scary lookin'.So we said good bye to Mr. Cloud, and he told us that he would come back on another day, when we trip. We went inside, put on some Phish, sparked up some insence, then went into the livingroom where we saw my brother, trying to make us laugh. But i didnt feel comfertable there, i cant explain, it just didnt feel right chillin' there. so we went down to my basement, or "The Chill Room" as we like to call it. so we put on some tunes, Phish, and lit some insence. after a little while someone decided to turn out the lights. total darkness, and the closed-eye tripping began! It was like a totally different world! It started out as just 2D shapes , patterns, and designes. they were made up of mainly shades of purple and green.after a few minutes of being in "The Journey's" as we now call it, we would talk about what we saw. we turned off the lights again.and this time the crazy 3D shit started. i could just hear Dev laughing his ass off saying that he was racing around on a mother board of a computer. suddenly, i was there aswell, and i could see Dev and Aaron there. we were racing around for a few minutes, and then i realized something, we were all telepathic! like if i thought something, all of the sudden Aaron would say the EXACT same thing i was thinking about. it was stange, but so cool! and for another example, say we were racing in The Journey's, and i wanted to turn around, right after i would do so, i would hear Dev say "WOW STEVE!" it was like we were in virual reality, and we were all in the same game. it was amazing! we went into the Journey's a few more times, and then found the best trip toy. this wierd lookin' orange thing layin around on my basement that is used to packaging shit. you know what i mean?? probably not, its really hard to explain.and we really thought of something, y r there always flowers, or trees, or leaves, or ne thing to do with nature on furniture?? y would u want 2 bring the outdoors indoors??? why?? i can sorta see y people would have plants and shit like that in theyre house, but y on furniture?? Aaron was sayin' that we should go out for a trip walk, and just walk around in the streets and trip out. buy that time it was about 2:15am, and my mom would be comming home soon. we were thinkin' if we should or not, just because it would be pretty heat-score if my mom saw us, because i had been busted for smokin up and for drinkin just resently. but Aaron brought up a good point. our eyes werent red, we werent walkin all fucked up, and if we wanted to, we could act as if we were on nothing at all and no one would ever know. at that very instant my mom walked in the room. i thought she would of heard what we were saying, since we were just talking about it. but all she said was " wow, enought insance you guys have going? ok, well, im going to bed, happy new year guys!" and that was it, before that i didnt want to go up stairs or n e where, i just wanted 2 stay in the Chill Room, but Aarons point and my mom going to bed made me so happy, we could now go up stairs and shit because she was going to bed, and we wouldnt have 2 worry about it if she came home later. we went up stairs, got a drink, and were distracted by the fact that we wanted 2 go walk around with the lights off in the basement. we were sittin there laughing at the fact if we did we would be falling all over the place and bumping into walls. i dont know, that may not appeal really funny, i guess u just had to be there, and the fact that we were fucked up on mushrooms. we went up stairs and watched Alien 3, or something like that. and we came up with this hillarious joke about this gay lookin Chinese guy on some commercial. and tonnes of other jokes came up too.
So that was my first experience with mushrooms. and if you are gonna try them for the first time, i recommend that you do it with a few of your really close buddies. and go esay, dont go out and chew fuckin 5 grams on your first trip. its not a good idea. well, i hope you enjoyed reading about this, and i apologies for the length of this fuckin thing.

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