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New Found Love

This was only my second time tripping.

This was only my second time tripping. I had tripped once before on Shrooms and loved it but was rather disapointed because it was only about a Level 1 trip. My older brother and I were about to leave to drive six hours from chicago to his college in Oxford Ohio. We were moving all his stuff in for the recent start of school. we got hooked up with an eighth of shrooms right before leaving and set off. We split the eighth about an hour before we showed up so that we'd be primed right when we showed up. My brother had had many more experiences with shrooms than I had so he knew more of what to expect. We showed up about 10:30 and the Shrooms started to give me the stoned effect. We went to his frat house where he was greeting all his buds from last year, only a few of which I knew. They we already partying and I was ready for a good trip. I don't remeber much of it kicking in, it kind of crept up on me.
Everyone was sitting around having a good time and I just felt so good. I was overwhelmed with a fealing of love and understandind for everyone around me. When people did things that would normally piss me off I found I could completly understand where they where coming from and why they did what they did. I had such respect for everyone and started to realize how everyone of us I on their own walk through life and no one is alone on it, and that we should be more open and observant of why people do things before we react to them. I wanted to know what was on peoples mind, and anyone who looked down I wanted to try and help heal them and make them feel better. Then my trip started to peak. I was tired of just standing around so I wandered through his frat house aimlessly. I said hi to a few people and eventually ended up in the bathroom. I looked at my self in the mirror and the walls behind me started to breath and my face started to wobble in waves. I enjoyed the visuals for a while and headed back to where my brother was. I started to realize that I take my brother for granted to much, we have such a good time together sometimes and its just stupid when we fight. Right about now I craved to play a guitar but the only one around was pretty cheap and crappy sounding, so I didn't bother.
My brother and I went around to check out some of the other rooms. One room had this striped, multicolered carpet which waves formed in and flowed underneath my feet. We went back to the main group of people. I was sitting in a real comfortable chair just watching everyone interact, with the added visuals of course. I say faces form out of the wrinkles of my pants and trails follew everything that moved. I had a permanet smile on my face the whole time. At about 3:30 my brother and I were started to come down and wanted to sleep desperatly but couldn't because we were still mildly tripping. So we searched around for some weed to help mellow us out. We got the weed and went back to these two girls apartment where we were staying the night.
We all sat around and rolled a few fattys. I was ready to get stoned and slip off to sleep, but boy was I in for a surprise. After about two joints I started to trip pretty hard again. I guess it was the combination of the two intensifying each other. I tryed to close my eyes and go to sleep but this just brought on stronger hallucinisations which kept me awake. The walls started to bend and curve and the T.V. from the next room was freaking me out. I don't know it i was tripping or not but I kept hearing mad histerical laughing coming from the T.V, Finally at about five I managed to ignore the massive headache I had and doze off.
I learned a lot about how people think and interact with each other while on this trip. I loved the experience all the way until I couldn't fall alseep when I wanted to. I can't wait to trip again its the most enlightening thing I have ever done.

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