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today, i did a hit of acid and a gram of shrooms at school, a stupid move on my part.

today, i did a hit of acid and a gram of shrooms at school, a stupid move on my part. i usually only trip once a month or so, so i usually try to make it something intersting, unusual. the everyday school environment seemed to cheapen the experiencce for me. thankfully, a few friends got me high to perk me up, and the substances kicked in an hour later when i got home. i focused on my cieling, a trusted source of weird hallucinations to start off the trip. a second layer in the same ugly stucco pattern formed and it started to wave up and down, changing with subtle shifts in my mood. new colours would occasionally drift in from the window in sync with the changes in the patterns. then, it turned black and
small purple ripples formed in a circle. a male torso emerged and started reaching in the water, flinging it around. every time it touched the surface, the water turned into a new species of brightly coloured animal that got flung into the sky, eventually building a planet. by this time, i figured the trip was in full swing, but when i got up to see what other weird shit i could find, there was nothing. only the cieling produced these stunning visuals. however, when i closed my eyes i saw patterns scrolling across my eyelids. it was like neon flowers springing out of nowhere. this lasted for about twnety minutes, then i was over a big banquet table that was lined with high chairs and tall candles. drifted down to the tabltop and started moving along it, with the candles passing me on either side. they then morphed into the tracks of a roller coaster. i flew along it, over hills and around corners, but after about ten minutes of this i found it tedious, and gave in to the call of the tv.

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