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Nature Vs. Suburbia

Hello to everyone reading this, I’m glad to see people researching topics such as the one I’m writing about.

Hello to everyone reading this, I’m glad to see people researching topics such as the one I’m writing about. Props to everyone utilizing and respecting the powerful herbs and natural wonders among us. Respect such substances and they will provide the same in return.

I’m writing today about a bright spring day last year. It was a typical weekend afternoon at a friend’s house that lived about twenty minutes from me. A town frequented often for great dope, and on this occasion, mushrooms.

It was about 12:00 in the afternoon, with a very, very bright sun out. I met up with two or three of my buddies at one of their houses. We were looking for some bud and ended up heading down to another friend’s house to chill. When we got there he explained that he could hook up shrooms (Not sure which family) and thus, the story begins: My friend (Let’s call him dave) purchased a Half Ounce to begin, we already had a quarter of weed so things were cool, the party was ready to begin.

Dave and I ate three dried grams of shrooms to begin with. A couple friends wanted some drink - and Dave and I wanted to hack a dart and go for a nature walk, thus we headed towards the local variety store. How ridiculous it sounds, I know.

We’re walking along the sidewalk towards the park area, which leads to the variety store. My stomach started feeling nauseous. I starting getting weak as we were walking along the sidewalk, my head was spinning out of control. The sun was absolutely bright and hot as all hell, I was wiggin’ out big time as the shrooms began to hit me. When I looked around it was just concrete, concrete, disgusting suburban neighborhoods filled with brick. Everything felt like shit, I was bugging out on all fours on the ground. I felt like I was gonna puke, but everything ended up being alright. I took many deep breaths, relaxed, cooled my shit and continued on our journey.

I’m now walking across a baseball diamond towards the variety store, which is adjacent. I was feeling pretty good, everything was all right – no problems. When we got inside the store I went and got a drink, my buddy was buying a couple packs of smokes. As I was paying for the drink my body started drifting to one side and all over the place, I was swaying back and forth. The very nice Asian lady asked, “Are you alright?” Once again, I cooled my shit, blamed it on the heat and left the store. We walked a small ways across the park and chilled at a picnic table. I was starting to trip out.

Dave and I are now both sitting at the picnic table relaxing. I was completely spaced out; I had no grasp of reality. Colours were very bright and everything was wide. My vision was sketchy and slow. I started to think I was Dave. I lost my sense of being, I couldn’t differentiate between ideas. We phoned our other friends and told them to come down to the park; we met at this little wooded area where I lied down immediately. My friends were talking amongst themselves; I was looking at the sun and tripping out.

As I was lying down I would open my eyes and see my friends standing behind talking amongst themselves. I thought I was being laughed at and ridiculed and I felt stupid for not knowing what was going on. Everything was so vivid; to the point that I saw darkness, I saw the shady side of my surroundings. Everything was messed up, nothing made sense and I was angry. The world was fucked up, I felt hopeless.


Once everyone got bored we walked back to a friends house, I was still bugging out on these shrooms big time. Once I realized that I had to be home by 3:00 I relaxed and smoked cigarettes for the remainder of time at my friend’s house. When the time came I drove home and listened to music for the remainder of my high.

To conclude; my high was not a pleasant one. Although looking back, I take the situation on a positive level. Take this as a greater lesson. Next time you mow shrooms make sure your surroundings are cool and relaxed. If you don’t enjoy the environment you’re in you will most likely not enjoy your high. Although I was wigged out at the time, my view on life was something you don’t reach in your day-to-day activity. I’ve done shrooms in the past with no problems and I’m definitely doing shrooms over Christmas; this time, in a proper environment with relaxed and stress-free settings.

Peace to everyone who has taken the time to read this, and supporters of all cultures alike.

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