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Nature Love

You wanted to hear from a girl.

You wanted to hear from a girl... well, you got it.

This was my first time shrooming. It was done on a whim, with a male friend whom I've known for a long time. I had initially intended to sell the bag, but suddenly had a change of heart. My friend and I (he's tripped before) ate them late evening and went to his sister's apartment. Soon after sitting down, it felt as though someone were sitting on my rib cage. It was incredibly funny to me. I wasn't concerned at all because they're natural, so I knew there wasn't anything poisonous in them (i.e. strychnine that's often in LSD). It was then that we decided to leave. We began walking through people's yards, looking for the railroad tracks (no cops) so we could go to a friend's place. We immediately got sidetracked by the woods, and decided that it would be more fun there. We found a clearing on the top of a hill among many trees, on the outskirts of town. We both stopped there and just stared at the view. We could see lots of street lights and they looked beautiful to me. After some time, we started running, skipping, and spinning around. It reminded me of the Sound of Music. I remember feeling joyful, childlike, innocent, and carefree. I felt completely at ease with my friend, and I think that helped make the experience more enjoyable.

After running around for a while, I got tired and decided to lie down. Normally, I don't lie on the ground, but at the moment the thought of bugs crawling on me and weeds poking me in the back didn't bother me. I looked up at the black sky and immediately noticed the stars. They way they were positioned made the sky look like a giant disco ball. I announced to my friend that the world was a disco ball. I was in a world of my own. To this day, I can't tell you much about my friend's trip. I was aware of his presence, but it was a very self-centered trip. I was totally preoccupied with my own sensations and observations.

A couple hours into the trip (an estimate; time seemed to stand still), I "realized" that clothes were obsolete. They got in the way, so I took most of them off. It was comfortable for me, but apparently it created a bit of sexual tension. It existed long before the shrooms, but it intensified during the trip. Fortunately or unfortunately, I completely lost all interest in sex when I ate those shrooms. I was immersed in the beauties of nature and almost unaware of my body. I let my friend do what he wanted, but he apparently wanted a more attentive recipient, and I was in no state of mind to be such a person so no sex happened. (Sorry if you were expecting a pornographic narrative.) After a few more hours of Sound of Music-like dancing, star-gazing, etc., we were starting to come down and decided, at about 5am, that it was time to move on.

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