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nature and the world

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Well there we were, up at my friends cabin for her 19th b-day. A group of my close friends, with enough booze for a small army and a ziplock filled to the top with weed, for 8 people. There was myself and 4 others doing our magic shroom chocolate, as we have grown to love since we were first introduced to it.

This would also mark the first time I had done shrooms away from my hangout, the apartment. The others I can't say for sure. It was not only the first time away from the apartment, but also during the day, out in nature. I passed the time talking with friends and having a few beers. The wait for the trip is very annoying sometimes!

Then it hit and it was beyond words. Around the time it hit, we also had a 5 gram joint going around the circle, which to say the least, was crazy. Then came the fire. To just look into the fire was amazing. I saw things I can't even describe, except that it was brillant and bright as hell. I was wearing sunglasses the whole time and I believe a few of my friends were also. One of them described it best. When we were walking, it was like those sports shows where the camera is on the guys helmet or something. It was like what I was seeing ahead of me, was something different than what my body was doing, since I was walking pretty whacky and my head felt like it wasn't attached to my body.

It was around this time I lost all perception of time. As many will know, when on a trip, time seems to stand still. A 4 hour trip seems like an entire day. None of us had watches, so we were going off the sun, which was also an amazing thing to see. I sat by the fire, watching the things that were coming from it and trapped in it. One thing that is a recurring thing for me is that sometimes I feel dwarfed by everything. My eyes play tricks on me and somethings look like they are really big and I am small and nothing compared to them. Indoors, this often happens when I'm beside a door. This took effect outside, when I went to the edge of the water. The lake jumped up and became one with the sky, in a rippling and distorting way. The sand suddenly jumped with detail, as I could see every little stone and speck in it.

This was too much for me to deal with though, as when I'm tripping, I often get lost in something and stay doing something or watching something. I entertained myself though with many exciting walks. The outhouse was a little frightning, as the only thing I could think of was Jason or some other horror icon hiding in the forest beside me, but I laughed all that away quickly. Another fun part of the trip was going to 'borrow' firewood from other cabins.

The colors became so vibrant, it actually hurt my eyes. The grass became such a green color, it seemed like a cartoon, while the nacho chips my friend offered me, looked like they too, were part of the fire. Watching the birds was entrancing, as they would fly and swoop, with one very colorful one sitting in a tree right by me. I tried to have a conversation with it, but it flew away. To me at that point, the birds were more interesting than any movie or tv show.

Aside from the somewhat frightning outhouse trips, the single most frightning thing was the main cabin. Its on somewhat of a lean and my balance was anything but straight. Walking in there to get a beer was very hard. I was on a weird balance, the floor was titled to the left, meanwhile dodging sleeping bags and what-not on the floor. The fridge also provided some fun, but was somewhat scary, as the fridge moved and came towards me.

The trip lasted awhile longer, as I kicked back by the fire with countless beers and a couple joints. The effects stayed with me all night and I was sorta 'after trip' stoned by it, but I enjoyed it like nothing else in my life. The next day we all had second day trips, when we smoked up again, which weren't very fun since we were drunk/stoned and couldn't deal with it very well!

I highly suggest that everyone who does shrooms and ever goes camping/cabining, to bring shrooms along. It is an experience you will never forget.

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