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mY TrIp

Well, I did shrooms for my first time.

Well, I did shrooms for my first time. I am 15 and some friends and I decided "hey, lets have a girls nite out and go on shrooms" we bought quite a lot, about $70 worth. We were going partying that nite in a town close by with some other friends. We bought them down there and ate them in our friends bathroom. After a little while, maybe 15 mins. one of our friends had to go pick up this other guy to come, so the 3 of us piled into our friend's car. I was sitting in the back smiling at everyone and then realized that i couldn't stop smiling at all. we picked up this guy and went back to the party house. We got there and us girls seperated for a while to talk with people then suddenly my friend ran up to me and is like "AHHH!!" and then we all started laughing constantly. IT WAS SO AWESOME, WE DECIDED TO GO FOR A WALK. So, we left and we brought a few beers with us. We tripped out hard on everything!!!! lights, bugs, little kids, it was all like a dream. We laughed so much we were falling down on the street..main street to be exact. I can't say I've had much more fun then that. Then we ran into another one of our friends and smoke a joint then drank somemore. After our walk that took us about 4 hrs. we went back to the party house and had fun with everyone.

I must say nothing, not even acid, has tripped me out so much..

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