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OK--well this was my first real time tripping on mushrooms,im a 16 year old.

OK--well this was my first real time tripping on mushrooms,im a 16 year old. Me and my friend bought these mushrooms off somebody at a local PHISH show. We paid $30 and split what looked like a little more than a quarter.These shrooms had blue hairs in the stems--just thought id let you know. Well i got home and started eating them over about a 30 minute period. Very shortly after i ate them i experienced a weird feeling in my body--my arms and legs felt very numb..it was not a bad numb though,,just weird.I remember looking at my blacklight posters and seeing that the colors were VERY bright. I started listening to music and noticed that when i took my headphones off i could still hear the music. I then got on my computer and it seemed that the cpu screen had two layers--as did other things i looked at--the whole time i had a very euphoric and fulfilling feeling. It was then about 3:30 and i decided i needed to go to sleep. I turned the lights off but the room still seemed very colored--i have a gargoyle statue thats eyes seemed to come alive. While laying in my bed i started hearing music (kinda like mario video game music on nintendo).. I then started hearing voices calling my name..and then a female voice that was saying "dont listen to THEM listen to YOURSELF"..this was all very cool.. i didnt sleep the whole night and the effects finally died down after about 5-6 hours--it was all very cool and i really would like to do it again.

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