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My thoughts ran away from me!

Well, first of all Id like to say, I am devoted to mushrooms, I love them!

Well, first of all Id like to say, I am devoted to mushrooms, I love them! And this happened to me last month in the beginning of January, I had 20 bucks left over from buying weed and I thought, ok lets call up my old buddy, so I called him and he said to meet him at the store, and so I did. I talked to him for a while and he showed me a half ounze of shrooms he'd make me a deal on, I told him maybe later and then I left back home. I remembered last time I done them I didnt see any visuals, only laughed. So I chewed them all up and left them in my mouth for a minute, then swallowed them. I hate the taste to I drank a glass of orange juice and then took 2 Vitamin C pills. I then called my buddy and I was talkin to him, after about 40 minutes the textures on the walls werent there anymore, and I felt sick, so I told him that I was gonna go and hung up. After that I looked around and the walls started to breathe. I turned on the TV and watched SpongeBob SquarePants. I then heard someone laughing so I looked around and I saw a clowns face on the wall laughing. So I thought ok, lets put on some music. So I took my Tupac Ressurrection CD and put it in. Whenever I heard a beat these lines on the walls would move. After my dad came home from the city so I went upstairs and went on the computer. I looked and there was a face on the side of my Monitor. It gave me a dull look with no eyes and its mouth was open. I then turned around and talked to my brother, then there was another face on the ceiling, this one was giant. I laughed and then looked back at the computer screen and someone was trying to message me. Then it happened, My thoughts ran out my ear and flew away. Just like that, at that point Id quit paying attention and zone out onto the wall, where another face poked out and laughed at me. This happened several times, then my buddy called and asked if I wanted to buy a gram, I told him I had 5 bucks and he had 5 so we both pitched and bought a gram, smoked it and then I was trippin worse! I looked at the snow and the textures would come and go. I later went back home and the trip wore off, I was left with a very relaxing buzz for another hour then nothing. But Id like to say that this was an awsome trip and next time Im aiming for 4 grams of real good shrooms!


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