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my frirst trip / the longest walk of my life

heres how it goes.

heres how it goes..

pick up the sack at 9pm on a tuesday night, held the bag over night for me and my friends sister to trip after she ditched school at 12 30 the next day. It was supposed to be a good trip between me and her but we had about 4 other people show up at my house including her brother because the shrooms fascinated them. she downed 2 1/2(1") long caps and about 2(2 1/2") stems with just water. And i downed 2 of the caps and 1 1/2 of the stems with water also. One of the people was a guy who was always being funny and fucking with people but my girlfriend(not litteraly) started to trip out over him playing around with her because she started triping in about 5 minutes and it was pretty much a bad high from the start for her because of him. we sat in my room for about 15 minutes before she needed to get some fresh air so we smoked a bowl of the dank chronic and walked out front.

she was already tripping pretty hard within those 20 minutes and she was telling us that she saw a school bus drive up my cul-de-sac(weird fuckin word) when there was nothing at all. after that the 3 people who were seperate from me her and her brother left without much going on so we got in her brothers car and headed back to her house. I was starting to feel the begining effects,ex. not being able to make sense of my friends DS when i tried to play)stoned kinda feeling and just an over-all feeling of the shrooms coming on. My girlfriend was closing her eyes which I feel gives be a bad feeling on most drugs except weed, so i was suspecting she was gonna start having a bad trip.

We arrive at her house and i feel like the people around the house know that i look high but i dont give a shit. We sit inside for a while and her brother(also a good friend) is asking me about what im feeling trying to relate it to the trip he had about 2 weeks ago. i kinda felt like i was heading towards a bad high but,i just made sure that i kept a steady good pace of breathing and kept a cool head like i usually have. After talking to my friend for a while we go find my girlfriend and she was just thinking to her herself in her room closing her eyes inching ever closer and closer to a bad trip. I could really see that she was gonna have a bad trip so i had us go outside and smoke a bowl and a cigarette. At this poin i was about halfway towards peaking and it had been about 45 minutes since we digested them at my house. Things started to breath and i lost sense of feeling in my chest so i could take fat drags of pot ot nicotine and not even feel it. we were sitting in a playhouse in theyre backyard and life started to feel dreamlike.great feeling, FUCK YEAH!) so my girlfriends trip was worsening while mine was getting better but i still felt like i was heading to a bad high also. she was closing her eyes out and i wanted to tell her to stop but i didnt want to give her thoughts of a bad trip just incase my suspicons were wrong. we went inside and she stayed in the playhouse and her brother locked her out and she later told me the dog was back there with her tripping it out like it was a wild animal. she got in and she went to her room, me and her brother talked then headed to her room, she was laying with her eyes closed yet again and not really talking because her thoughts were on a bad trip. she couldnt handle being around two people i guess and i had some kinda pilot/johnny noxville glasses on that were pising her off for no reason, so she left to her brothers room. about 5 minutes pass and i get up to go see her. I look and she's checking her pulse and i saw the look of fear in her eye like she thought she was gonna die so i just told my friend to get out here and help her while i went and thought in my own universe about the situation. It was about an hour into the trip by the time she convinced herself she ate bad shrooms and was going to die. She started getting paranoid and losing her mind. she stared yelling at her brother to take her to the hospital to get the shrooms outa her system in a despearte way. at this point everything was breathing hardcore and i felt like i needed to be away from people. but i was also thinking about my friend dying from eating bad shrooms that i gave her.i fondled my glasses and broke out the lense on accident(never found that bastard) over the tension and stress the situation was causing me because my brain didnt want to deal with that at the moment. so the hospital talk goes on for about 7 minutes then she tries to throw up and fails. At that point her brother gives in and starts taking her to the hospital. I give up the chance to walk home which is through a park, through a school and about a 15 minute walk. we start heading to the freeway to get to a hospital thats no less that 7 minutes away and we decide not to drop me off at my house and just to get her to the hospital. she was freaking out and breathing really hard and i could see the look in her eyes that said she was going to die in her mind. i was trying to talk to her get her to come to reason with actually dealing with the hospital and all the trouble she was about to go through but she was fuckin out of it. It was a kinda sad fact that no matter what i said to her i couldnt bring her back and get her to listen to me. we pull up at the hospital and its been about an hour and 20-30 minutes since digestion.felt like about 3 hours to the shroomers)

We pull into a regular parking spot and her brother gets out and heads towards the emergency area. my girlfeind asks to be wheeled out in stretcher in a paniced voice. so i try to go out with her brother so i get on my glasses and ditch my paraphernalia in the car and head out with him(hard decison at the time). I walk about 10 feet and i feel like every single person in the busy parking lot knew about our horrible trip, mostly because of the dreamlike state of speaking your mind and not caring what you say.(try not to do that, it kinda pisses people off who are having bad trips HaHa). so i contemplate wether i should really go in to the hospital and talk to the people with my friend about my girlfriend whos having a mush trip in the parking lot. then all the sudden i look around me and realize i know ONLY whats around me and that the city i lived in my whole life has become a mystery that im terrified to go any more steps into. then my friend looks at me and tells me that my glasses dont really fit right on me(hes sober) so i take them off and realize that i had been wearing them completley crooked and that they had a lense missing that i hadnt noticed for at least 10 minuts.(pretty fuckin funny high thing to do in my book.)
So i head back to the car to tend to my girl and her trips been accelerating like mine but in a bad way and not a good way. so im sitting in the car with her and she completley lost it like an insane person. i feel like i look really fucked up and im having a hard time concentrating on the reality around me because i felt like i was truly emerssed in a dream. so i trip out on the car parked about 9 feedt in front of us and i stare at it for what felt like 15 minutes and tried to figure out wether there was a mexican in a orange shirt staring back at me or not; never found out.(pisses me off that ill never know the truth) So my girlfriend pretty much looses it and starts hyperventalating and this trips me out because im not the kind of person that wants to attend to dying organisms needs. for me and her both time was going extreemy slow(great feeling, FUCK YEAH!) and she didnt want to wait any longer so i told her i would go find her brother and get help. Then i left the car and i had a good feeling that i could help her so i go out all confident, walk about 20 feet and realize that i was once again lost in the unfamiliar world and that everyone in visible sight was in on our trip and that they wanted us to be taken away. the feeling of being lost was great to me because thats what i consider trippin out, probably that way for most people though. so i go back to the car and tell her my story and get a laugh out of her insane ass. then about 30 seconds go by, which feels like 4 minutes and she loses it to the point where she just gets out of the car and i watch her walk out and find some random ladys help. she told her that "this may sound weird, but i ate some psychadellic mushrooms and i need help" then 20 seconds later her brother rolls up and tells me really intensley, "If you dont want to get involved in this, go to donut hill(chill place where a house used to stand on a hill, pretty secluded), its not far its right there. Just go there and youll be safe." he repeated that a couple times and that added to the effect of everyone knowing i was on shrooms by making me think they had called the authorities on me. so i tell him where his sister went and i realize taht he has just set me out on my own into the unfamiliar world of murrieta, CA.

i feel like i look extreemly high and that everyone knows it so i force myself to walk past all them and around the back of the hospital even though i felt like a fuckin tweaker who just downed a whole 40 sack to himself. by this point im about 20 minutes away from peaking and its the most fucked up ive ever felt in my life. and i realize that i have to cross a road which wasnt so bad. then i was walking away and walking within 8 feet of the cars on a narrow road and i feel like im a dumbass druggies so i get up and walk on the higher ground. meanwhile im about 300 yards away from the hospital and im still trippin thinking everyone in the world knew excactly what i knew but they werent cool with it like i was. i arrive at donut hill which is about 400 yards away across a street and up on a pretty hard to see grass hill. I feel better even though every siren i hear, in my thoughts is either my girlfriends dying or the cops coming to get me or her. This is where i peak about 2 10 minutes since eating. i smoke a bowl which i really just do to keep myself from getting a bad high. I still got that cool weir chest feeling of not actually inhaling but doing it. At this point im brinking on a bad trip which was always a background thought this whole time. I look around and everything is breathing and i feel like the world is a new place and that im free as a child to have it be whatever i wanted it to. i left my sweatshirt and my ipod in my friends car and it was about a 70 degree day with some clouds and a ok breeze. without my sweatshirt all i had was my black jeans, blue-yellow-white striped shirt, wallet, keys, pipe, and weed. it was the most naked feeling ive had feeling the wind blow on my open arms without anything to cover me. As i sit there i find my thoughts repeating themselves like a broken record but at the same time im able to think from almost a diffrent me and listen to my thoughts from a couple diffrent views in my mind. Then it dawned on me.... i was all alone and i had the longest day of my life ahead of me while i was about 2 1/2 miles from my house and nobody in the world would come pick me up. that feeling was the most despearte lonley thing ive ever felt. (pretty good now that i look back on it.) so in my undecisive state i ponder wether i should stay atop this hill and just sit here till i feel sober enough to walk home(it was only about 2 something at this time), or should i take the impossible task of walking myself home? i realized staying there was irrational so i bring myself to leave and i walk down and out. i feel like i could handle my walking fine even though i was as fucked up as i was. the hardest thing ive experienced compared to shrooms is maybe DXM or alchohol, which dont even come close to the feeling i got on these shrooms. So i walk down a long stretch of road and i tell myself that shrooms are everything ive ever heard about but never actually expected to be true. so i bring myself to j-walk before i reach the stoplight i see approaching so i dont have to have people stare at me while i wait to cross. I misjudge my crossing about 200 feet and the car was alot closer to hitting me than i expected but it wasnt enough to worry about. so i continue the long walk and reach a stoplight, every car i see out of the corner of my eye looks like a black & white and im still trippin on the sirens that i heard earlier that never seem to turn off. i wait at the stoplight for no more than a minute(eternityyyyyyyyyyy......) and i stare at everybody and try to figure them out. I cross without problems and i realize that i felt like i had gone insane and that in my head was athousand diffrent parts of me thinking at once and that i had only a little sliver of my TRUE self that i was holding onto and it was keeping me from the bad trip.(my true mind was the strength of my mind that showed me i could get through the somewhat of a hell) i began to look at people and they had clay like faces, all the same emotionless stares. i felt seperate from the human race from then till i woke up the next day. i walked past an old lady and she stared at me which i would have prefered not but it was ok by me as long as i looked not high to the point where i could walk home and not get rolled by random people. i continued my walk and i reached my girlfriends house where we went after we left mine and i realize theyre still at the hospital. even though it was about a 20 minute walk to there i swear it was four hours to me. So i proceed through the forrest that slightly connects my house to hers and i trip out on the clouds while everything is breathing, and i have the dreamlike state along with the insanity and the feeling of being seriously fucked up on drugs. nothing special happend there but when i got near my house i realized i had to walk through an elementary school full of kids(scary thought) but i feel pretty strong of mind getting myself as far as i had so i decide to accept the challenge. i walked through and i felt like the parents didnt want me around their kids. i walked past about 300 kids on my way through and it was 2 40 in the afternoon at the time the elementary school kids get out.(used my logic to figure out the time there, fuck technology i dont need to clocks.)and they all had the faces that i didnt understand.it brought me back to going to that elementary school, playing wallball and shit. so i make it through fine and i come up on the field which is about 2... maybe 3 football fields(complete guess) big and i walk across it and it gave me a clear view of the sky to trip out on. the field was expanding and lengthening to no extent. This part goes for the whole story: sound was intensified to the point where i could listen to everyones singular words at one time and it felt like i was in an ampatheater. at the other end of the field is my house which, after the longest walk of my life and the biggest test of self relliance ive ever had was looking pretty fucking great. i walked inside and no one was home which was good because now that i had completed my goal of being home i could sit back and really think about my high without being around people. i drank gatorade lemonade which tasted felt like a lemony ball of slime going down my throat. after that i pretty much layed on the couch in my room and stared out the window for 4 straight hours and wonderd how my friend was doing with her trip and if she had died or not. i lazed around and smoked weed and thought about the silence until 7 pm when i decided it was time to get my high ass up and call my friend to see if his sister had died. luckily she didnt and all the worries were just in her head. then i went out with my other friend for a while later that night but nothing special happend. i considered myself tripping out to the point where i was gonna be like that forever. Work Friends Family Cigarettes had nothing to do with my life, i wanted to live those moments of eternity forever.

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