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My First Tripp

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MY FIRST TRIP. Wow man im still feeling it a little too. This is the day after and Im a little groggy. I found out that Im a natural pot smoker! My night started off like any normal night for me. I went into town for some pizza for dinner. Afterward, I decided to go visit my brother and see how he was doing. I knew my bro did stuff, but I never thought I would end up ever doing it myself. Anyway I'm rambling (Still in my system, hehe) Ok, so this is what transpired on that fatefull night. As I mentioned I ate pizza and went to my bro's house. Some old friends of his called up and wanted to see if my bro and his girlfriend wanted to roll. He said sure and after figuring up some money, me and him got in his car and met his guy. We went to this guys place and changed money, got 5 pills of E (One for each of us. Then his guy was like, "Hey wanna see what I got?" and he pulled out this Lil Baggie filled with this brown crushed up substance. He said "Shrooms" My bro was like "Hey, i never did shrooms" And I was like "Yea, I been readin up onem and I was curious aboutem." He was like " Well, here..." and he gave me and My bro a big pinch a peice.... We got home and my bros friends were there. They were by far two of the coolest ppl i ever known. Anyway, we started rollin, (Keep in mind, this is my first time doing anything, and im mixing drugs here). Well Jon, my bros friend, made a Gravity bong out of a gatorade bottle. I swore up and down I wouldnt take a hit, I didnt like pot at all and i never tried it. Well, finally, bout 3:00 am came around and I was so freaked up I didnt care anymore. I told jon to light me one up and he kindly obliged. He did a thin pull and wasnt much smoke in it, I sucked it down faster than they had ever seen anyone do ever and held it longer than anyone too, I blow it out finally and just looked around, nothing, i felt nothin. So he did it again, and still nothing yet. Then he came up with the idea to do a thick one. Well, keep in mind that up to this point ive never done anything, ANYTHING, not even cigarettes (they kill) so i went down on this stuff not knowin anybetter. I freaked, and acidentally swallowed it instead of inhaled. It burned sooo bad. Worse than heartburn, worse than anything. But then, it happend. All the culmination up to this moment hit me, and I was gone. I was swept away by gravity and could feel the momentum push me more and more as I fell over, I kept falling untill I hit a wall. I sat up and looked around. I looked at a couch that Linda (Jons girlfriend) was leaning up against. I smiled and then realized, Im having my first visual. I saw this face on the couch of a man, looking down at linda, then he looked up at me and back at her. I laughed my ass off so hard. I had never in my life seen anything soo cool. Then the face rolled upward off the couch and onto the ceiling. I glanced over at a picture up on the wall. It was better than television. I didnt know if i should freak out of not, but I saw a flaming skeleton coming up out of this old woodin wagon and started to raise up this big sword and was about to jab it into this womans back. I started to get scared and worried for the woman, the people in the picture were doing nothing for her and it was making me so mad. Then suddenly the Skeleton looked up at me and got scared and turned into a flaming pheonix and flewinto a building. It caught fire and stayed burning all through the night. This was when I started to really open up. I began speaking as if I were the smartest being in the world. It was by far, the coolest experience I ever had. Like dreaming yet being so fully awake. Cant wait till this goes down again, maybe Ill experience a 5. welp, ta ta for now....

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