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My first trip, we were EIGHT!! Best night ever!

Hey, I'm Matt from Quebec, Canada, and here is my first shroom trip!

Hey, I'm Matt from Quebec, Canada, and here is my first shroom trip! (English isn't my 1st language, so maybe this'll look a bit confusing sometimes)

About a month ago, one of my good friends told me that a friend of a friend had bought a pound (!) of shrooms, so we could buy a lot from him. I had never done shrooms before, but always wanted to try it, even though I'm not into drugs that much (I've been smoking weed once or twice a month for almost 2 years, that's it.) I'm 18.

So we talk about it to a few other friends, who are all interested, and end up buying an ounce. We planned to take 2 grams each (I have no idea what kind of shrooms, but they were dried, of course). Then I found this site and started reading some trip reports. I read a lot. So when shroom time came, I was damn well prepared. I knew what to expect. Well... I thought so. I'm certain that no matter how much you read, you can't understand until you actually try it.

So even though I was very prepared, when my friend called me on last thursday, at 6:00 PM to tell me this was THE night, I was stressed out. While going to his house, my belly was hurting a lot because of nervosity. I was sure I was gonna puke right after eating the shrooms. Their taste started worrying me more than their effects!

Anyway, I arrived there, and we were a lot more than I thought: EIGHT! All planning to do shrooms. Our portions were already prepared, and all, so when everyone was there we started eating. The taste wasn't that bad, especially for something that grows in cow poo. I had brought some juice to make the taste go away, anyway. Out of eight, we were 3 first-time shroomers, including me.

After we were all done eating our 2 grams, we went to the living room, and watched hockey, waiting for the first effects to show up. It was about 9:00 PM. One of my friends suggested that we go outside, and at first nobody agreed. Personnally I wanted to see the effects inside first, and then go outside. But he convinced us, damnit. Five minutes later we were all outside. It wasn't a really bad idea, because my friend's parents were on the floor above and didn't know there were drugs in the house... We decided to start walking to this huge park, not too far.

After only 20-25 minutes, I was the one who felt the first effects. It wasn't really important, though. I just felt very light, and little bit euphoric (nothing compared to the rest of my trip). And for the weird part: the back of my brain felt paralysed... I'm not sure why, but I'm the only one who felt that. I know the back of the brain is related to sight, so maybe it has something to do with hallucinations, anyways it didn't last.

We arrived at the park 10 minutes later, and that's when we really saw who had started tripping and who was still normal. I think only 2 or 3 guys were still normal. One of my friends started climbing in a street light, really really fast, he was 3 meters high! We all started laughing, I was laughing the most. I fell on my knees because I was laughing too much. And the best part is that it wasn't some artificial, forced laugh. It came from the bottom of my body, it was really a true laugh. We continued our walk, I was still feeling very relaxed and euphoric, I was laughing at anything mildly funny.

45 minutes in, we arrived in a part of the park that's a huge plain. I really felt like running and/or dancing. Sometimes there was a lot of wind and it felt comfortable. For no reason, we all jumped on my biggest friend, in a friendly fight. One of my friends lost his glasses during the fight, so I helped him to look for them in the grass. That's when I realized that my sense of touch was at another level. The grass felt so frickin' soft under my hands. After 10 seconds I wasn't looking for the glasses anymore, I was just caressing the grass, admiring it. So I said to my friend "Hey, I'm looking for your glasses psychologically!". When I touched my coat, it felt the same, really soft. I loved that.

Then, one of my friends asked me "Why aren't we always on shrooms, 24-hour a day?", "Because it shows us how boring real life is!", I answered. Then I realized how stupid my answer was and told him"Wait wait wait! I didn't say that! Life isn't crap! Life is the best thing ever!". Another friend asked me what time it was. It was only 10:00PM! It felt like we had been tripping for 3 hours! Then I realized that the classes I had at school earlier that day felt like they were 2 weeks ago, and I forgot what classes I had to go to the day after, they seemed so far away!

After an hour and half, I reached my peak. I closed my eyes, and started seeing lines of different colors, it made me laugh very very hard! I had been rolling in the grass, laughing hysterically for about 30 seconds and then I opened my eyes. I couldn't believe it was reality. While my eyes were closed, I thought "Ok, I'm in a dream. A really crazy dream" so when I opened my eyes and saw that this was reality, I was truly amazed! The others around me weren't as crazy as me, as if they didn't take as much, even though they did! They thought I was way too weird. I spent a few minutes laying on my back, looking at the sky, and laughing of my own laugh. I really couldn't stop.

I started getting sudden mood changes, for no particular reason. I tried to talk to one of my friends about some church in my town that looks really weird, but I had trouble talking because I had too much to say, and he had no idea what I was talking about. I started tearing up grass and yelling and swearing, and 30 seconds later, I was laying in the grass, laughing calmly... We were eight, so some people were really active, wanted to run, etc. and others wanted to just lay down in the grass. I was... between the two.

In the park, we saw a beautiful fountain, so we decided to walk to it. There were lights on it, which made me like it even more. There were no lights at all in the park, so it was the first time in 2 hours that we saw some. One of my friends brought a tree branch, with leaves on it, and threw in the water. Another one took it out, and when I saw the green leaves, with water drops on it, I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had seen through the whole night. Once again, I was the only one to think that way...

We continued our walk, and I saw a small hole in the ground. I felt really attracted to it and decided to put my hand in it. I took out some soil, and had A LOT of fun transfering the soil from one hand to another. The first time I did it, it looked like my hands were on slow motion, even though I know I did it at normal speed. I tried to re-create it after, but never could. I told my friends to try it, but they were just laughing.

Then one of my friends said "Oh, I think I'm starting to come down", and I realized it was true for me too, but if he hadn't said it, I probably would've not realized. Then I thought I was just gonna come down and down from there, but THE best moment was still to come. My seven friends decided to enter a wood with lots of trees, not knowing where it would lead. I said to myself, "Bah, I'll take a break and catch up on them", I layed in the grass and closed my eyes. I saw lots of things. Mainly faces of different colors, moving. The one thing I remember the most is a blue face, that looked very nice. It started nodding "yes signs" to me, and I understood that as "You like this trip, don't you? You're feeling good, aren't you?" And I started nodding to the face, my eyes were still closed. I felt a load of energy inside my body starting from my brain and going through my arms and legs. I was moving my head from left to right,laying in the grass, and this energy was going through my whole body, it was perfect. Then I heard one of my friends yelling my name, I opened my eyes and thought, wow, I'm 100% sure nobody will feel this good during his trip tonight. I catched up on my friends who were starting to get worried.

Another funny thing is that during the whole night, there was a constant war between my brain and my body. For example, when I had to pee, my body would say "Come on, you have to pee, you really have to, or else your bladder will explode" while my brain would say "Aw, come on! You can't go pee, you're way too lazy for that! And you'll miss so many things!"... So I'd walk towards a tree to pee, then turn back, then decide to go back, then turn back again, etc.

The rest of the night was pretty boring, because some people were almost out of their trip (it had been close to 4 hours since we had eaten the shrooms) and wanted to go home, or to relax somewhere, while some people wanted to keep exploring the park. We ended up going back to my friends' house, and talked about our trip. When I went to bed, later, I had trouble sleeping because I had so many things to think about!

Overall, that was my best drug trip EVER, including alcohol. What I like about shrooms is that it's really unique. You just can't get the same effects no matter how much alcohol or weed you take. I'm definitely trying those again, perhaps 3 grams next time. There are so many things I didn't have to chance to try, like listening to some music or playing video games!

Hope you had fun reading this and that it convinced you!!


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