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Sphagnum Moss Tek

A way to grow Cubensis utilizing sphagnum moss to provide moisture.

Take the cakes out of the jars, and put them on a wire screen table that completely covers the fruiting container, and is about 2 inches off the bottom; quarter-inch squares in the screen work well. I like to use wet perlite in the bottom of the cooler, under the table of wire so the kids have enough humidity.

This is the good part. Go to Manards hardware store, or some store like that, and get sphagnum moss. This moss grows in swamps, I have seen it in da U.P. in many bogs. You buy it in a green bag in the garden section, and it says "All Natural GREEN MOSS Decorative Sheet Moss" on the front of the bag.

Take the bag home, and wash it with regular water, paying attention to the removal of sticks, dirt, and other shit that is not moss. Other wise you get cake injuries and weird green fungus from the sticks, and germs and other contamination from the dirt.

Squeeze it well, but leave it damp, and place the sphagnum moss around every cake. I didn't put any moss on top of the cakes, I thought it may interfere with photo-tropism. When the basidiocarps begin coming up, dampen the moss carefully using an empty spore syringe. Keep the moss damp, if you put too much water in the moss, it is alright, it will go into the perlite.

Here is what happens - the cakes will extend mycelia into the moss, and when the mushrooms come up and the moss gets wet, the fungus puts this water into the mushrooms and makes them grow fast and fat as hell. Than they elongate and get big. When some 'shrooms start getting dark streaks in them, you know that you have been watering them too much.

Now I don't know if this is a new or good idea or what, but I think it works well, and I will continue my mycologic experimentations until I am dead because I love everything about it, and I will even teach my grandchildren how to do it when I am old and decrepit. Put this in your growing techniques section of the Shroomery if you want, it is a good way to do it.

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