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My First Trip Ever!

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OK, I guess I will start with the reasons why I decided to
take the Mushrooms. I had always heard my friends talking
about how amazing was a Shroom Experience and how much it
would help oneself to be able to sort out some problems that maybe one couldn't solve while being straight.
I have to admit I wasn't really sure if I wanted to do it
and I was scared out my mind by a classmate that almost
killed himself for eating the wrong type of Mushroom.
One night, one of my friends Dropped by and told me he knew
this girl from school that could get me some Shrooms. I
gave her a call and she was in my house in less that 5 min.
She gave me some sort of Chocolate Candy Bar wrapped around
a green foil Paper and said that it was a Mushroom covered
in Chocolate. I wasn't sure what this girl was giving me
so I told her I didn't want it but she insisted and said:
Try it and give me the money later and if you don't like it
then you don't have to pay me anything ok?
well, it was an offer I couldn't refuse but I was still not
sure since I didn't know what was really under that
Chocolate. My friend told me that I should brake it and see
if there was really something under the Chocolate,so I did
and found that the mushroom was there.
I knew that it wasn't gonna be enough to make me trip
really hard but since it was my first time I wanted to take
a low dosage so I decided that it was time.
It was around 11Pm when I took the Mushroom with a small
glass of OJ and a Glass of water. I had spent the whole day
in my house doing some Work and Studying a little too.
I felt i was relaxed and I was really excited about what
was coming, so I just chilled back and started listening to
some Robert Miles.
45 Min later I started feeling something kind of like a
buzz and I realized that the Music sounded really good. it
seemed like the Whole room was Different in a way I could
not describe. Even though I wasn't seeing anything that
was not real I knew that the Shroom had kicked in cause of
the way I felt.
My friend kept asking me if I was seeing anything weird but
I said No. Somehow I felt like I didn't want to be in that
room no more and I wanted to get out and walk around. My
friend agreed so we went for a walk around the lake.
At this point I started seeing a few trails in the street
lights and the ground kinda look like it was moving.
We were standing at the Deck in the Lake and some Ducks
came to see what we were up to! I don't know why but out of
nowhere I started talking to the Ducks and I felt that I
could understand what they were saying in a way.
This is when my friend said I was going Crazy and told me
to go back to the APTMnt. I refused and said that I was
just having a conversation with my Friend ( The Duck )
Then Something that really tripped me out happened! 7 more
ducks came to where we were and started making a lot of
noise. I felt like they wanted to fight for their territory
and I felt kicked out of the lake by the Ducks.
This really scared me so I went back running to the Aptm
and sat in my room until i realized that everything was ok.
I laid in bed with my eyes wide open and Thinking about a
lot of BS until the trip was over. and I fell asleep.
The next Morning I woke up feeling Great and Laughing at
the Episode with the Ducks!

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