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My First Trip = fun

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As expected, all names have been changed for the protection of privacy. Anyways, so here's my story. It's the Saturday after New Years, and I am going to trip for my first time. I was supposed (well, I was going) to do it on new years, but I got really pissed and didn't want to have a bad trip, so I waited. Ok, back to the thing: I ate the shrooms at about 8:30 PM, with my brother driving me to my friend's house. When we got there, I was getting really anxious and kind of nervous, not really knowing what to expect. I waited around for approx. 20 minutes waiting for "Scott" and "Jimbo" to get there. They were at a restaurant. They get home and I told them when I ate them, and how (with a glass of water. I gagged big time when I ate them, SICK!). (P.S. Oh yeah, I ate a half an eighth.) They immedietly asked me how I was feeling. I was excited and a little nervous, I had said. We went inside and after about maybe another 10 minutes or so, I started to feel the first affects of the shrooms kicking in. (I think that I should mention that when I ate them, I got really nervous that I didn't have enough, and wouldn't trip. This kind of scared me then when it started to kick in.) I was looking at the wood-grain in Scott's room, and it looked different, in a way I can't remember, exactly. I then began to tell them how I was feeling, and how I was begginning to get a little scared. Scott and Jim both began to reassure me that I was just nervous and that they had both done it at least 10 times each. So we go outside have a ciggarrette. A girl shows up, and so does this girl that Jimbo is "dating". he makes it perfectly clear that he doesn't want her to know I am tripping, so I don't. Then we go and get into Scott's car to buy ciggies for me. On the way, i realize that I have really started to trip. So I call up my little bro, who's 15, and had tripped before me (New years). We talk, and I figured a way to get him to come to Scott's house. We get back to Scott's, and go upstairs and chill in his room for a while. I was really feeling it now: mild hallucinations, and a love of music (Tool, great.) My bro showed up, and he ate and eighth that he had. for the next hour or so, we were just chillin' in his bro's room, smoking down. Now, here's where I learned what a bad trip feels like. Scott's brother came home, and started yelling at him, for some stupid reason. I got scared and wanted to cry. So we went outside and smoked a ciggie, everything felt better.
About 2 hours later, around 1 AM, I stood up and realized that i wasn't tripping anymore. Overall, not very exciting, I know, but I loved it and can't wait to make pills out of my schrooms!

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