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My First Trip

I drove out to my cousins house, about an hour away in northern Minnesota.

I drove out to my cousins house, about an hour away in northern Minnesota. The skies were clear as ever and you could see every star. I ate a dime of shrooms at about midnight and started feeling drunk and stoned about 45 minutes later. I read trip reports and the levels before hand so I would know what to expect. My colors started going strange. It seemed like I was wearing 3D glasses, I could see normal colors, and blue and red at the same time. I spent most of the time outside gazing at the stars and the moon which were all magnified and bright and it was the most beautiful thing. I walked in the front yard and the porch light was illuminating the grass and to my superize, I saw something growing up from under the ground. It basically looked like thousands of black weeds and vines growing upwards in between the blades of grass. Like a thousand black fingers wiggling and moving up. I didn't get scared at all during my trip, I was only amazed at what my mind could create. I was having fun. I kept watching the strange pitch black growth, it seemed to me that I was seeing the shadows in between the grass blades being manipulated. My cousin and his freidns were playing God of War in the garage and my cousin kept coming out to check on me which I thought was funny. I went to the end of the drive wayand leaned against my car. I looked up and down the streets for a long time, all the street lights made everything seem blurry and the houses across the street were blue, red and orange at the same time. I watch as a guy walked up and down his drive way about a block away. He looked like a white apparation just floating around. At about 2 or 3 am we all went inside and played God of War. Well, I watched. I watched it being played untill about 6 am. I went to the bathroom and that felt very strange, I kept feeling like I was waiting for something, like something was missing or like I forgot something important that I needed to remember. I saw myself in the mirror and my pupils were huge and my face looked very strange. It felt like I was someone else looking at me. I went back into his room and while everyone else slept, I was unable to. I'd close my eyes but they were open right away again and Id start staring at things. My cousins walls were covered with sponge prints with white paint. They turned into what looked like looking at hundreds of cells under a microscope. They were floating around bumping into eachother and bended and warping. I watched that and the yellow care bear towel that covered the window as the sun came up, all the colors on it were illuminated. I stared at the walls and the towel untill about 7 am and finally slept. I woke up at about 1 or 2 pm. Good times. I never lost my grip on reality and it was an amazing experience. I came to many realizations, and had many distractive thoughts. I would start thinking about something and then something else would be realized.

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