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My First Trip

I have used marijuana and alcohol before, but these experiences pale in comparison to what I experienced on shrooms.

I have used marijuana and alcohol before, but these experiences pale in comparison to what I experienced on shrooms. My buddy Bill came over to me in work and told me that he finally got those shrooms I wanted. After that, I could barely concentrate on my tasks and I was longing to get outta there. After work I went over to Bill's, smoked a few bowls with him and bought the shrooms. I took them home and I couldn't stop wondering what they would be like. So I tried a small stem, and an hour later I was looking at myself in the mirror, and my vision took on a green tint to it. I looked at myself and I kinda looked like I had reptilian skin. At this, I got so excited that I barely got any sleep that night. All I really did was lie in bed and stare at the shifting shapes moving about in the dark.

So the next day, I went over my friend Dan's and munched on the shrooms. From then on, it was a race against time because I had to drive to my other friends houses and pick them up before I started trippin. I only managed to meet up with Dan, Steve and Jim before I had to park the car. So from then on we had to walk everywhere. We decided to go meet up with Paul at his house, which was across town. That was a fun walk. It was early April, and all the plant life was in full bloom, producing tons of eye-candy. The colors seemed to jump out at me, and every now and then I'd see a telephone pole or a tree slanted at like a 30 degree angle. After a magical adventure, I finally ended up at Paul's house and that's when things really got interesting.

Paul greeted us at his door and escorted us to his room. I made myself comfortable in a chair, and we sparked a blunt. After a few hits, I was in a pure state of euphoria. The walls in his room began to breathe, the posters on his wall began moving and changing size, and every color was brilliantly shining. As I sat there in the chair, I put my hand on his table, and it looked and felt like my hand was melding with it. All the while, I thoguht about how different this was from everyday reality. I didn't feel the same as I always had. I had a different outlook on life and on the world. It was almost as if I had been taken to a slightly different but beautiful place where nothing was wrong. I can't wait until I get my hands on some shrooms again!

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