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My first trip

My first trip happened about three months ago, when I was on my way home.

My first trip happened about three months ago, when I was on my way home. That day I didn't even think about taking shrooms, but this kid named andy showed me a large stash on the bus.I had ten bucks and I was having a good day,school had just got out, so I decided what the hey. So I munched them right there on the bus, along with my friend nik who got some too. I didn't think they tasted as bad as some people said, but they weren't good tasting either. Cince I didn't want to be alone on my trip, I went to the ave with nik (we live in Seattle).
We didn't have much to do so we just walked around, and nick got some guy to buy him some ciggs. So for about an hour we walked around and nothing happened, and nik said "man, we just got jyped." And he went home. He had taken shrooms before so I believe him, and I dissapointedly went home.
Now there wasn't a clear point when I noticed that it kicked in, but we were definately not jyped. I had a body high on the first bus,and everything was kinda beautiful and I was just really happy, and I thought that that was the extent of it.
Then, when I transfered to the second bus, things started to get cool. For some reason my friend Leslie was on the bus too,(we live close to each other). I sat right across from him, and started to stare at his shoes even though I didn't know it was him. His shoe laces were winding around and un-tieing them selves, and I was amazed and thinking what a wonderfull thing shrooms were.
That's when I recognized him, and I was kinda confused.
Another cool thing that happened on the bus was the ground. There are little white patterns on some metro busses, and suddenly the all started to flow left and right like a river. Some walls started melting a bit, and everything had a wavy effect. It was like the bus was a creature and we were inside watching it breath.
When we had to pay at the end of the ride unstead of getting my bus card out I got my ID and tried to swipe it through. The bus driver looked at me wierd and I didn't stick around. I was pretty paranoid after that that people were noticing, especially when I passed a couple cop cars near my house. Somewhere in there Leslie and I split up but I can't remember.
All in all it was a great trip, especially for the first time. It totally tops pot, although pot will still be my #1 substance. I recomend people to try and have fun with shrooms, I did and I have no regrets at all!!!!!!!

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