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My first time with shrooms

A couple friends and I had talked for a while about how we wanted to give shrooms a try at some point.

A couple friends and I had talked for a while about how we wanted to give shrooms a try at some point. None of us had ever experienced tripping before, although we smoke pot on a pretty regular basis. I think in the back of our minds, we recognized that "talking" about shrooming was indeed all talk...even though we knew that we had access to them, I think we assumed that the three of us would never have the time or the guts to actually take them. Well, classes ended two days ago, and we all had a week before our finals, so we decided to give it a shot yesterday.

I bought an eighth of dried shrooms (mostly stems, a few small caps) from a guy on my floor on Friday night, and my friends and I planned to trip on Sunday. But when I woke up on Saturday afternoon, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I asked my friends if they wanted to trip a day early, and no one had any objections.

We broke up the shrooms and made three peanut butter sandwiches at around 4:00. I rolled a small joint, and we walked to a nearby park and smoked the joint along the way.

When we got to the park, we were all feeling pretty good. About 30 minutes had passed since we ingested the shrooms, but the pot made the onset a lot smoother. We hiked up a hill to an art museum and sat ourselves on the lawn outside (not sure why we picked this spot, but we all felt pretty good about it). We had a beautiful view that overlooked the park and part of the campus of the college I go to. I then put on some Radiohead...we were feeling something akin to euphoria, so I opted for a few of the more saccharine tracks of "The Bends."

About an hour had passed by now, and the shrooms were definitely beginning to take effect. Looking at the beautiful green landscape and the classical architecture of the art museum behind me made me think of Arcadia in Ancient Greece. With the sun out and the temperature warm, yet mild, the vibes were amazing. One of my friends and I looked at each other and just started giggling...we knew what the other was trying to say, but there were no words to describe the feeling that we had.

At this point the sun was beginning to set, and we were starting to feel a little cold (I'm not sure if this was because of the shrooms or the actual temperature outside). We decided to walk back to our dorm to get our jackets. At this point we all popped on our individual music; I decided on Radiohead's "Kid A," an album that I have wanted to trip on since the first time that I heard it.

Walking through my college campus was a very strange and beautiful experience. It must have been about 2 hours since we began. We all had a feeling of absolute invincibility; I can't really describe it accurately, but it really felt like we were on top of the world. I had a sense that my body had lost maybe half its weight. Colors were bright and vibrant, and everything seeemed to drift around as if it were alive. I looked at the interlocking stone tiles of the path we were walking on, and they seemed to shift around and rise up and down individually. We then walked to the football field, where we had a perfect view of the sunset. The sun was low enought that I could look directly into it, and it was absolutely beautiful; it had halos around it that looked like spectral butterfly wings.

We then walked back to our dorm. It must have been about 2-3 hours into the trip, but it felt like an entire day. This was probably the most noticeable effect of the mushrooms: my perception of time was way out of wack. I could listen to a 3 minute song and it would feel like a half an hour. But nothing sounded or looked "slow motion" to me (I can't really describe this, but it really is amazing).

Going into our building was a huge buzzkill. I felt incredibly paranoid, like everyone knew that I was tripping and they weren't down with it at all. It was awkward and unnatural...the fluorescent lights made everything look a little bit dark and frightening. I got back to my room and grabbed my coat, but we never decided what we would do after that. I was feeling overwhelmed and confused, and I decided to take a walk and listen to some music to clear my head. It was good for me, and I was able to clear my head of most of the negative thoughts that I was having.

We were all probably coming down at this point, so we decided to smoke another joint to make the impact a little lighter. We went outside in back of our building and lit up (a poor decision in retrospect, since many people have been caught back there). I still had feelings of powerlessness, and I wasn't able to think clearly at all. I felt like I couldn't come up with any complex thoughts, because I was unable to convince myself of the basic assumptions that one must make in order to think. My conceptions of time and self had weakened; it began to feel like what I call my "self" was nothing more than a collection of random, not particularly vivid memories. It was somewhat depressing, although not nearly what one would call a "bad trip."

We inhaled the joint pretty quickly. For some reason, I could take as big a hit as I wanted without ever feeling the impulse to cough. At the same time, I didn't feel the marijuana high at all. The only thing positive that came out of this experience was watching the smoke trail from the joint. It was incredibly intricate and beautiful, and made me wonder why I never noticed it before.

Finally, we ended the night in a rather dull manner. We went back to my friends room and watched the National Geographic channel. I threw back a beer. Pretty soon, all the negative thoughts that I had just melted away, and I was left at baseline: not high on weed or shrooms, but feeling good about making it through the experience unscathed.

In retrospect, I think it was a bad idea to take them as late in the day as we did. The trip certainly took a turn for the worst when it got cold and dark outside and we had to retreat to our building, a VERY public place. We only ate a gram each, but I feel like that was the perfect amount for our first trip. I'm very excited to do it again in a better setting. I'm making a roadtrip to California with a couple friends from home this summer, so we might have the chance to do it in the Redwood forest.

All in all, it was a positive experience. The sense of power and beauty that overwhelmed the onset and the peak of the trip certainly overshadowed the negative feelings that I had towards the end.

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