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Mini terrarium casing tek

A casing tek using colonized pf cakes and mini terrariums made of plastic cups and plastic bags.

I wanted to give you guys an alternative to the terrarium style grows. This tek is great for people on very limited budgets and people that don't have much room in one spot to grow in.

What you will need:
12oz to 16oz plastic cups (i used solo cups)
plastic baggies (I know all of you are very familiar with these)
rubber bands
everything you'd need to do the pf tek

Once you get a colonized 1/2 pint via pf tek, dunk it overnight as you usually would. the next day, crumble it into the "solo" cup and cover with baked vermiculite. Mist it until the vermiculite is very damp, but no standing water has formed. Make sure the inside of the "solo" cup is sprayed too. Place the baggie over it and secure with the rubber band. The baggie will form a "limp dome". Don't worry that it isn't held upright, it wont matter. Place in a warm spot to incubate. For me, this spot is on the floor next to the place where the heater blows into the room. At the first signs of mycelia poking through the casing, put it in the fridge overnight. After this cold-shock, put it where ever you like. it is a totally self contained, protected "terrarium". Don't worry about misting or fanning it until you are ready to harvest. Harvest all the mushrooms at the same time. So, that means, let the first of the crop overage a little bit in order to let the main crop of the first flush mature. After you pick your first flush, patch the missing vermiculite with freshly baked vermiculite and mist until moist. A new flush should arrive within 2 weeks at the latest. Repeat the picking, patching, moistening after every flush. Don't worry about misting or fanning the mini-casings. they get all the water they need in the initial misting and seem to do fine with the air they receive while picking. On average, 5-6g is easily acquired using this tek per solo cup.

Now you have yet another option to choose from. Hope this helps some of you get away from fruiting cakes and eases you into the wonderful of casings .

by automan

The procedure step by step (
by IxxRoBxxI)

I typed up the exact directions i plan on following based on the PF Tek and Solo cup tek found in this forum (posted by automan). I would just like any comments on things I should do differently or steps to add in to make the best out of my first grow. Thanks for your help, here is my procedure:

-Mix 1/4 cup brown rice powder, 1/2 cup vermiculite, and 1/4 cup bottled water

-Mix in a large bowl and dump into 1/2 pint jar without packing (Repeat for all jars)

-Clean top of 1/2 pint jar with paper towel and fill to top with sterilized vermiculite

-Poke 4 holes (way top, way bottom, way left, way right) in the 1/2 pint jar lids just big enough for needle to fit in

-If jar lids are two parts, use professional grade masking tape to make them one part

-Put lids on jars loosely and cover with aluminum foil

-put 1" of water in pressure cooker and a grate on the bottom to keep jars from cracking

-Put the lid on and bring the cooker to 15psi over a period of 15 minutes on a medium flame

-As soon as steam begins to escape the top, turn heat down so only a very small steady steam escapes from the top

-At this point, pressure cook for 45 minutes

-Let jars cool for 6+ hours and then take jars out and tighten lids (Keep aluminum foil on)

-Shake spore syringe to break up spore clumps and sterilize needle by heating over a flame

-Let needle cool for a couple seconds then take the aluminum foil off the jar and inject a total of 1cc distributed evenly throughout the 4 holes (have needle touch inner wall of jar an inch from the top and let liquid run down the side)

-Put foil back on, put jar in incubator and sterilize the needle again every other jar

-Germination should begin within 3-5 days (If bottom of jar is too wet loosen lid)

-Complete colonization should be complete in 2-3 weeks

-When cake is completely white, birth the cakes by removing the jar lid, use a knife to scrape off the top level of vermiculite.

-Take the jar with the cake in it and turn it upside down and slide it out and put in the dunking container

-Submerge the cake in bottled water for 12 hours in the fridge.

-Take the cake out and drain well, then dab the cake with a paper towel to soak up water droplets.

-Crumble each cake into its own Solo cup and cover with 1/2" of microwaved vermiculite

-Mist until vermiculite on top is damp and spray inside of Solo cup also

-Take a plastic bag and mist the inside and place over the cup and use a rubber band to hold it firmly in place

-Place cups in warm place until first signs of mycelia poking out

-Put cups in the fridge overnight

-The next day put cups in closet to do its thing

-After about 2 weeks, most of the mushrooms should be ready to be picked (let the early growers mature more than the rest to pick them all at once). Use a knife to cut off the mushrooms. Replace missing vermiculite and moist again until damp. Put bag back on to wait for the next flush. Repeat.

-To dry the mushrooms, place them on an opened box covered by a paper towel. Dry for 2 days. Add a 1" layer of desiccant to the bottom of the box. Place this in a plastic bag (garbage bag with tie is fine). Wait 2-3 days and if the stems snap they are done.

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