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My eyes work!

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I decided to trip for the first time about a year ago. Each time I was about to get some mushrooms the source would never deliver. I was getting desperate.
I finally got my hands on half an ounce of dried mushrooms. I was planning to sell most to get back the money but that didn't work out, thats another story.

It was a wednesday evening just after school. Me and 2 other friends came back to my house. I set up the scale and measured out one gram to my friend and 2 grams to me. I knew more than he did and I guestimated correctly on how much I could handle.

We took them at 2:45 p.m. and couldn't put our fingers on it but after about 10 minutes we felt different. Nothing significant could be pointed out, but we didn't feel sober, just different.

My sober friend finished rolling his doobie and we headed out the door to go to his house. We walked down the streets for about another 10 minutes. Still feeling the same, my sober friend's mom drove by and offered us a lift. Her son had his bike so he rode home.

After about 5 minutes in the car my friend turned to me and whispered "It's kicking in". I smiled and knew I wouldn't have to wait much longer. I looked at him and he was staring at his hand in awe, moving it back and forth just smiling.

He suddenly started getting rowdy and wouldn't keep still. I kept telling him to keep calm and that we weren't in any position to let ourselves act freely.
We arrived at the house and went my tripping friends house (he was my sober friends neighbour).

So we went there and I got a cigarette from his grandmother, menthol, ew. We headed to the park which was about a minute away. We sat on a bench where my sober friend met us and told us he was going to pick up his little sister from school. My tripping friend was staring at the wood infront of him and looked in shock. I wasn't feeling any different so I got a little dissapointed. I passed him the cigarette and he just held it, not puffing or anything. I didn't mind, it was gross anyways. I ran up the playground slide and sat on a wood platform.

Nothing seemed to be happening. My friend, giggling, came and followed me and dropped his un-puffed cigarette. We sat and talked about the stuff he was seeing. He said the trees look so alien like, twisted and grotesque. And the wooden platforms we were sitting on were moving, and it scared him.

After about half an hour our other friend still hadn't returned so we decided to go back to his house. We went and this time I sat down on the couch and watched some soap opera with his little sister. It was very boring indeed, infact, the ceiling was more entertaining. The shrooms had finally begun to kick in.

His stucko ceiling was intense, it wouldn't stop moving, it was so alive and energetic, yet it was just stucko. My eyes were playing tricks on me. It got a little freaky at how strong and believable the images I was seeing were. I felt uncomfortable so I got up and went to the bathroom. There, everything visually seemed to return to normal. My pupils were humungous, and I had bits of psychadelic in my teeth, but other than that, everything appeared normal.

I then noticed how heavy I felt. My shoulders kept wanting to drop suddenly and then return to normal, and my knees wished to bend constantly. I felt drunken, and I started to giggle.

I left the bathroom and my friend met me, we left his house and went next door to check if our sober friend was home. His younger sister greeted us and she told us he had just came home 5 minutes ago and left right away.

We went down the path to the park and there I saw him sitting on a sideways shopping cart behind a large evergreen, puffing away at his doobie. He was hunched over it and looked like a puppet at first. Infact I thought he WAS a puppet at first. I took a toke, but decided I didn't want to get high, so I left it at that one pull. When I turned around I noticed the trees were incredably bright and much greener than they were before.

I was stunned at how green they were. My tripping friend was wandering around the park in his new state of mind. Suddenly I heard my other friends call to me, 4 of them were down the street. I didn't really care about them, I was too stunned at how different everything was, yet how much the same.

We all met up and proceeded through the park towards a Daisy mart where we would play some foosball and chill for a while. I was very very talkative but couldn't concentrate on one topic for more than two sentences. My other friend couldn't even communicate. Well, not that he couldn't, he was rambling to himself quietly and wouldn't answer us.

We were all walking together, giddy of mushrooms and pot. Except my fellow shroomer was about 20 feet ahead of us all walking to his own tune. My good friend wanted to see the bag of the shrooms and so I gave it to him, he then said something about why my other friend was so far ahead. I suddenly had the urge to run and I so I ran to him.

But when I got there I realized he wouldn't talk. I didn't mind, the world wouldn't stop moving and I didn't have a care in the world.

We got halfway through a gravel parking lot and stopped, to sit on a bench sort of thing. When we looked at the ground we burst out in laughter simultanously. It looked like 2 inch high water with rocks underneath. I felt like I could cast a line into it at that moment, and in-fact I did imitate the motions.

We sat there until my other friends eventually caught up to us, then we walked to Daisy mart.
When we got to the complex we made a pit stop into the dollar mart for a 60 cent pop. I didn't buy anything I just stared at everyone and everything in utter fascination.

Finally, we made it to Daisy mart. My friends were scattered about in and out of the store, I didn't know where to go. At first I went in and saw one of my friends watching some other people play foosball. I left cause it was lonely feeling, but outside it was cold and starting to snow (IN APRIL!!!). I went to my tripping friend and found out he was staring at the brick floor. It was amazing. They were moving so fast I couldn't keep up with them. And they kept turning to patterns. But I got a little queesy feeling from it all and had to return to my other friends who were talking. One of them told me to go into the bathroom at the restuarant next to Daisy mart, so I did.

Upon entering I heard some very strange, ever-too happy chinese music. It made me laugh so hard, but I had to hold it in not to offend the people there. I went to the bathroom and discovered that bathrooms are Churches. The bathroom was painted to look like a forest, it was very very peaceful, and I was all alone. I realized that this is one of the few places that people get to be alone and can maintain their image of themselves (with the mirror), refreshen (piss, shit, wash hands and face), and basically calm themselves. I exited the bathroom and found a picture of a chef was kissing his fingers but it appeared as though he was puffing a joint and at the same time telling me to be quiet about the halirious music still playing.

I left and returned to Daisy mart, a foosball game was in process. My tripping friend didn't like it at all in there and he kept urging us to leave. He told me I was gay for wanting to stay there. I laughed and went to take his spot from the foosball game.

I scored 3 goals in a row, I could see lines which would tell me paths to shoot in which would guarantee a goal. I got very bored of it and thought playing was just useless. I sat down on the window sill of the store and stared at the floor. So many patterns appeared before me.

My friend came and sat beside me to talk. I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying, partly cause his face looked so strange, and partly because whenever he made hand gestures it would carve a pattern into the objects behind him in the distance.

He got frustrated with me and told me to go look for my tripping friend. Suddenly I got scared and realized that he was lost, or so I thought. I went around to the back of the store and found he was sitting by himself with a grin planted on his face. I left him to be happy and went back.

When I returned they asked me where he was and I said "right where he is" and that was the only answer I felt worthy to give them.

I forget most of what happened after a while, but the next thing I remember was all of us going around back to where my friend still was and they smoked a few cigarettes. It began snowing incredably hard and they were leaving patterns and marks in my vision. Too intense and I began my hate for snow. We went to my other friends house, he lived 8 houses away from my other two friends (I know it's weird eh?). We went to his room and I found that his room was really really small. It felt like a tiny box. The song 'Island in the Sun' by Weezer came on and I felt like the bed was an island floating in the sun.

The time was about 5:40 and I freaked about how I was supposed to be home at 6. I left with one of my sober friends who had a fair bit to walk as well. The snow controlled me and I basically walked wherever I had to as long as it fell towards me. This was because if it went anyother direction I would have to stop and stare, it was far too intense and luckily it lead me home.

As I walked home I realized I had a newfound gift to rhyme any thought I had and I began to freestyle on my way home.

When I reached home I was still experiencing mild visuals and felt a bit detached. But it was only 5:42! It usually takes me about 15 minutes to walk from my home to where I came from. I couldn't believe it but didn't care. It worked out in my favour.

One thing people usually don't mention in their trip reports is how uncomfortable the heaviness can make you. I got restless almost everywhere I went and I think this is the one quality I dislike about the shrooms I had. Make sure you do it in a comfortable setting. Set and Setting ARE VERY important. VERY!!

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