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My day in a fantasy world

Right before they started to kick in, a friend that I was with described a trip as a rollercoaster ride.

Right before they started to kick in, a friend that I was with described a trip as a rollercoaster ride. As we were driving into the mountains, it sure started feeling like a rollercoaster. We stopped to get out of the car and look around a little. Everything was so neat, and new. It was like an entirely different world.
My 3 friends and I spent the day alone in the woods. First we noticed the clouds, and layed for a reasonable amount of time watching the dragon clouds attacking each other and the faces eating one another. But I couldn't spend much time on anything.

I got really into all of the little life everywhere. Little plants that looked like dancinf ladies, the little bugs that crawled everywhere and tickled. After touching everything that I could find, I started taking in the overall view of nature. The ground was breathing, as were all the trees. And they were all very alive and happy, and singing and talking to us. The trees even had millions of little hands that would wave all over the place.

Water was one of the weirdest things I experienced. Impossible to explain, but the feel of water is different than anything else in the world.
Next we experimented with eating and drinking. I wasn't thirsty or hungry, but things felt funny to chew and swallow. Our explorations of nature took probably at least 4 hours, but then as evening came we started a fire and wrapped up in blankets as it started to rain. Fire and rain are both amazing trips, and at the same time it's even better. As I was laying there absorbing the rain, and watching the fire, I would start to feel as if I was coming down from the trip. But then a few minutes later things would start being amazing again. At the end, I flowed in and out of tripping for several hours. But after about 7 hours or so, I was starting to feel hungry, and a little more down to earth.

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