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My Comic Book Adventure

It was a lazy saturday afternoon, when my friend messages me, asking if I want to take some of his freshly grown mushrooms.

It was a lazy saturday afternoon, when my friend messages me, asking if I want to take some of his freshly grown mushrooms. I say sure, and we make plans to meet up about 7. It was my first time, so he gave me 5 wet grams and took 10 for himself. We decided we should take a trip downtown (we live in a fairly small town with a distinct mainstreet, and a beautiful college campus). When we get to the college, we both begin to feel it.

It started like a pleasant tingle in my back, which quickly flooded my entire lower body. A little further, I see a delightful building with long black windows, which distinctly reminded me of a comic book, we stared at this for awhile, and my friend began telling me that he fully comprehended the universe.... so I continued to stare at the increasingly comic booklike building. We decide to keep on the move... Along the way, we start picking up disinct vibes from the people who pass. One whistling college student had possibly the best energy in the world, so happy... followed by the solemn faces of a conservatively dressed family.

We noticed all the buildings downtown had an obvious comic book architecture... we stopped for awhile looking at one building that just had a very gotham city look.. The enormous courthouse loomed over us, like some crazy police department, perhaps from which the mayor would call superman. Much fun!

Soon, my friend decided to call some ladies on my cell. He asked them where they were... and we found out they were just down the street... and we were looking at them... really weird coincidence. Anyways, we end up sitting in a coffee shop with them, where we both peak. One of the girl's face was completely radiant and heavenly. Probably the prettiest skin tone in the univers... the other, who was angry about something, just had a negative thing happening... everytime I looked at her, I would be drawn to her WHITE nose ring... At first I thought it was maybe some food (she was eating a bowl of a white fruity looking substance) but then it all fell down on me... she had actually put this obsenity on her face for some reason... Anyways, they left, and we walked home, still feeling good (I was anyways) he got a litle glum. But it passed pretty wuickly, as we found neat alcoves and strangely lit trees (one of which looked EXACTLY like the grandmother tree from pocahatas or whatever.)

We got back to his house and listened to some music, and watched seven, and eventually we slept... all in all I'd have to rate it as a perfect first trip. So intense, so fun!

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