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My Best Friend's trip at her house!!!

9:48Here goes!

Here goes! starts on first gram. jesus, these things taste disgusting!
Finish first gram. second? hell yah. start second gram
finish off second gram. this had better be good.
swallow all of it.
- whoa. somethings not right.
- mild nausea
- im tired. I'll sleep till it starts working.
Nothing but upset stomach. maybe this wont work after all.
cheap ass drugs.

-still tired, burning out from weed earlier.
-something seems not right.. but what?
my watch is beeping somewhere. wait. or was it? did you just think it was beeping?
little things are freaking me out. just things out of the corner of your eye.
-Holy god, that shadow just tried to eat me! it backed off now. bitch.
-OMG! theres a spider on the wall! -i spray it with bugspray. shit, now i'll be worried about that all night.
things are moving when you dont pay attention to them. what a trip.
am watching closet door. holy fuck! all of the sudden it starts melting and dripping off!
-whats left underneath is breathing! holy fucking jesus!
-maybe this wasnt a good idea.
-i feel tired, but i cant close my eyes. i just stare at that fucking closet.
I look at the floor. its breathing too!
-gah! im so tired. i have to sleep or i'll die.
open eyes. my closet door has swelled really close to my face.
-I panic and bury myself in blankets.
Am getting used to the closet being alive. its kinda cool really. They're swirling now.
am watching my blanket now.
-Bam! feels like my head just got hit by a sledgehammer. FLash of green light. I look at my blanket. omg! the blanket is made up of thousands of tiny green sheep!
-i get hit with invisable sledgehammer again. everything goes blurry and is green.
-My pen goes right through the book now. Its not solid any more, it just goes through!
what the hell is wrong with me?
-energy burst.
-oh wow. i can see the fourth dimension. its underneath the melted closet.
-seems to be skipping frames, but i guess thats because its very hard to see the fourth dimension.
- Look at the kitten on my calander. Its face starts morphing and melting.
Im not expecting this and its god damned freaky as hell, so i panic and bury myself in blankets. i want to go into a corner, but thats where the spider is so im trapped and vulnerable. this is too weird. that poor kitten.

this is too trippy. i cant write anymore.
close my eyes and try to sleep.
-my music suddenly sounds like high pitched bagpipes. that is not right!
-door frame is moving and swaying.
-shadows are changing shape. they're trying to sneak up on me, i know they are.
-were off the edge of the map now. you cant trust anything, its been hiding all this time, but now i can see it all. i must be on constant alert.
Its all a trap! I can see whats going on, but cant do anything about it. Its like watching a movie you've seen 100 times. except its you.

-felt almost normal for a second....
-dont move!!

-who is the dragon? he's talking to me. i know he's important, but who is he?
-Theres a pink snake around here too. It has hearts for eyes. what's up with that?

-did someone leave the tv on?
-No jackass, you're just reading peoples minds. you can hear their thoughts, but not clear enough to understand.
detatched from reality. im all alone. 

-space out.
-am tired again.
sweet jesus, my pupils are huge! I cant recognize myself in the mirror. this is an overwhelming feeling.

-i get up and do my makeup.

-I can hear my music, but it doesnt makes no sense, but i listen all the same.
very awake!
- If i close my eyes I can see bear claw marks. is this bad?

-theres some weird little miniature hamster things on me. got dammit, get off!
i go to hit them off me, but they run away first. maybe their siberian dwarf hamsters. thast about the right size.

-moron, you know none of this is real, right?

-space out for rest of night
am talking to eric. wait... eric? hello? holy shit, i'm alone.
is it storming outside or is it just me?
am in art class. matt steele looks rather stoned today. I wonder if he is? I ask him, but i dont remember what he says. I go and talk to josh for awhile. then i have to get to work. were doing 3pt perspective.

-wait, this isnt the art room.

-why am i in my own drawing?

-why is josh and matt in my art class.

-were you just talking? No, you were just thinking it. right? no. your in class.

-what the hell.
-moron, you're still in your house!
-theres an elephant in my head. i think its pink too! how steriotypical. ah! if i dont open my eyes it will crush my head!
-wake up.
things arent moving anymore, but this isnt real yet. No way i can talk to mom. Just sit you ass here and chill. watch the closet, see if its back to 3 dimensions.

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