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My 1st Trip on shroo

During the summer of 97 i took my first dose of shrooms.

During the summer of 97 i took my first dose of shrooms. My freind got an 1/8th at the further fest. About a week later i slept over at his house and we consumed them. I think that i ate about a 2 dried shrooms but i could be completley wrong, I'm not sure how much he had.

About twenty minutes after we ate them we went outside and smoked some bud,and possibly some opium. I only took a hit or two (it was kind) and become mildly stoned. We then got food and water and went up to his room. I did not feel any affects of the shrooms.

We listened to the dead and i sat down on the floor. About 45 minutes after intial ingestion I started to feel it. My vision was blurry, it was like looking from under water. I had a huge smile plasterd to my face. I couldn't get rid ov it. I was hopeing that his parents wouldn't come because there was no way i could act even slightly normal. Everything was had an oarange tint to it.(I think this was due to the lighting though) At the time it seemed like i was there forever. I don't really remember what happened for a little while.

The next thing that I remeberI was on his bed and the lights were out. This is where the fun really began. The ceiling was covered with a very intricate pattern of blue lines. I felt like i was floating in space.When i closed my eyes it was like i was in a diffrent world.

Around this time was when my trip turned sour for a brief amount of time. I was thinking waht would happen if something went wrong. I big void oppend up in the space of the ceiling. It was like a cloud. I checked to see what time it was. When i looked into my watch i saw a smiley face. I knew i was ok. Imediatly the cloud disapered. The funny thing is my friend saw it also.

He turned on the lights and everything immediatly went into flames. It hurt my eyes. I think that the climax of the trip was around now. I have lost track of all time by now.

We stayed there a while longer then went downstairs to get food. His brother saw but it was cool cause he didn't care. We went outside and smoked some kind bud/opium. I had a lot. Way too much. I blacked out for a while. then we went inside and watched a gd video.

I had a very good expierience alltogether. I think that i went from level II briefly into level three but iam not sure. It is now late summer 98. I have not done any shrooms since then but have done other things. This was probobly my best expierence. If I had to do it over again i would leave the opium out.

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