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Mushrooms In the Sky

Me and my friend after school decided that it would be a speacial night.

Me and my friend after school decided that it would be a speacial night. when we got home we got our money togethere and drove to my dealers and picked up an Eighth. we decided to split them. We both ate them plain because we were already stoned and to lazy to make something. The taste was not to bad becase I was used to the taste. This is like our 8th time eating shrooms. Right after we drove home and sat in my car listning to music and about 1 hour after eating them, they KICKED in. i started laughing at my Friend MM because he was just staring at his fingers. Right then i had a sudden urge to jump out side my car and lay on the ground. When i was laying there i looked at the sky and kept on seeing so many shapes and shades of light blue and red mixing. I jumped up and got back in my car. MM asked me if i was driving my car to get away. I was confused so i ignored him and jumped out of my car again and lay on my driveway. This was about 2 hours into my trip. The clouds in the sky were in shapes of Big mushrooms. They were still clouds just in a shape. i closed my eyes to rub them and it felt like i had them closed for an hour (it was about 10 minutes) there were spirals of 2 dimensional colors every were. wen i opened them me and MM went into my room. We sat there and looked at each other like we did not know one another and we would start laughing. For some reason he found some Cds and started to throw them. The colors they gave off were twacked. Then we smoked A Quarter ounce out off his bubbler. It made both of us preety tired we passed out around hour 4. When i woke uP ther were broken CDs all over my room. That Night was an awsome night. I think the best way to eat shrooms is to eat the right amount for u.

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