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Mushroom Skiing

I was recently in Sun Valley, ID and got a chance to go skiing.

I was recently in Sun Valley, ID and got a chance to go skiing. I brought about 1/10th oz. of dried cubies with me. I dosed at about 9:00, just before the mountain opened. About half an hour later I started to get a little "rush" (not the best way to describe it) which indicated that the trip was starting. At about 10 I noticed that everything started to look really colorful, and the trees looked a little more crazy than usual. Shortly after this music started to audibly play over and over again in my head. I think the song was "Somewhere Out There" by Orbital (GREAT shroom record BTW). I rode the chairlift back up to the top and went just out of bounds of the ski area and layed in the snow for a while. The mountains looked insanely cool. After that I remember closing my eyes and I had CEV's of chairlifts and skiers. Oh yeah, and all of the skiers that pased me by made pretty big tracers. After that I took a couple of runs, sat somewhere and tripped out, then took a couple more runs, etc. The only other specific thing I remember is that I was riding up on the chairlift and an Animaniacs episode was playing in my head (I could audibly here it, and when I closed my eyes I got CEV's of it). I think it was the short "No Pain, No Painting". All in all a really fun experience. I don't think I would want to eat to much more than that and go skiing though. My sense of balance and depth perception was a wee bit off around my peak which was kind of scary. For the most part though it was pretty easy to ski.

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