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Mushroom Sandwich

This is the account of my first trip on shrooms: My friend Dan and I had been searching for magic mushrooms for a trip we were planning.

This is the account of my first trip on shrooms:

My friend Dan and I had been searching for magic mushrooms for a trip we were planning. We are both sophomores in college and have always been curious about shrooms. We had been looking for shrooms for almost a year, but never had any luck. We had a few definite hook-ups, but they all fell through for some reason or another. Last weekend our luck finally changed. We had three different sources that said they could definitely get mushrooms, so we decided the coming weekend would be the time for us to trip. Dan’s parents were out of town for the week and he had an empty house. As it always seemed to happen though, all three hook-ups fell through. We finally decided that we might as well just buy some pot to smoke so we would have something to do when we went to his house. I gave my dealer a call, who never has anything but pot, and it turned out he had just bought an eighth of shrooms for himself but he wasn't sure when he wanted to do them, so he sold us the bag.

2:30 pm Saturday - Dan’s house:

We split the eighth of shrooms and broke them up into smaller pieces and put them in peanut butter sandwiches. Surprisingly, I couldn't taste the shrooms at all. The sandwich was a little crunchy, but there was no difference in flavor. We proceeded to wolf down our sandwiches and wash them down with juice. From this point on, things are a little foggy.

3:00 pm

We emerged from the house to smoke some pot and have a cigarette. It was after the bowl we smoked that I realized something was a little different. My vision had a pinkish-orange hue to it. I also noticed that our conversation was a little odd. We were already talking about theories and abstract concepts (something that happened a lot on LSD). At this point we decided to go for a walk in the woods. This is when I realized I was definitely tripping. The hair on my head was tingling, and little rocks in the driveway were moving a little and looked like bugs running around. When we got to the woods my stomach started to hurt a little, but I didn't really pay much attention to it. The sky and the trees were just beautiful.

3:30 pm

We decided to go back into the house and eat some oranges. When we walked in the door, it was as if I had stepped into a completely different house. The whole house had an orangish hue to it and everything was vibrant and colorful. When I spotted the orange on the counter, I couldn't even believe what I was looking at. It was sooo bright, it appeared to be the light source of the room. I about dropped to my knees laughing, and I didn't know why. When we peeled the orange and ripped it apart it made a really loud sucking sound that I could believe was so funny. The taste of the orange was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before, though I wasn't really very hungry and didn't finnish it.

4:00 pm

I don't remember this part, I just know it happened. Dan and I decided to climb into his hot tub and sit for a while. Dan was staring at my face and said that my face was shiny and that there was blue silvery face paint dripping down my cheek.

4:30 pm

We got a little warm and decided to go back inside. Nothing holds your attention very long when you are tripping. I felt like a little kid with an empty house to play in. When I changed out of my bathing suit it felt like I was changing my skin. That was an amazing feeling.

5:00 pm

We sit around and try to watch a happy movie (beauty and the beast) but it turned out to be a little dark and scary for us. We went upstairs and put on the Shine soundtrack. I must say, that is some messed up tripping music. The piano, which comprises most of the cd, was very abstract and mood changing. At this point I started feeling really strange. Everything in the room was flowing and breathing and I felt completely disconnected with my body. I also felt very weak and tired. It was humorous to drag myself around when it looked like I hadn't slept in days. I remember playing with a piece of paper that was in my pocket. Since it was in my pocket, I couldn't see the paper and it game me a really weird sensation. When I would rub the paper, it felt like the sensation was coming from around me, not in my pocket. I had the feeling that I really had to do something or go somewhere, but I didn't know what or where. This feeling can bother you if you have stuff to do, but we really had nothing to do so I just tried to forget about it.

6:00 pm

I decided it would be interesting to look in the mirror so I go into his parent’s bedroom and look at myself. This was very interesting because my face was flexing and bending to some mysterious breeze. I went back to the couch and watched some more visuals.

7:00 pm

I found a guitar to play and tried messing around with it. I had no coordination and was too weak feeling to play it, but I had some really crazy song ideas in my head that I should have written down. I probably wouldn't have been able to find paper though, even if I had looked for it. I was extremely confused and didn’t really know where I was. It would be very easy to consider yourself insane when you are tripping. I got up to go to the bathroom one time (I had to piss about every 20 minutes it seemed), and when I returned I just laughed at the mess I had left on the floor where I was playing. There was an empty water bottle, a sock, and a dog toy. How had I taken off my sock and not even known?

9:00 pm

A friend of Dans came over and that really sobered my up. I had almost comedown already, but when he arrived it really changed the environment and mood. We smoked some weed and hung out. I was finally getting my memory back and I wasn't so confused.

12:30 am

I fell asleep.


I have always wanted to try shrooming so when I got the chance I was very happy. The trip was quite different than I expected. Tripping seems to be about 20% visual, 80% mental. I felt great the next day and I plan on tripping soon again.

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