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Mushroom Fun

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I had been trying to get my hands on some mushrooms for a month or two and after being ripped off, I was very excited to hear that my friend had picked up eight grams. We were going to go down to the beach to have a fire, eat the shrooms, and smoke some weed. My friend who had gotten the mushrooms, Mike, was also planning on drinking, even against my advice. Before we got down to the beach, I bought four grams from Mike. My frind Simon and I began to munch it down. We got down to the beach to find some people we knew who had already built a fire. About ten minutes after we ate them, Simon thought his hands were shaking. "Uh...dude, no they're not." Mike began to eat some of his. Twenty minutes later, Simon had to walk his girlfriend to her ride or something, and Mike went to go get some beer with an older friend. I had still not begun to feel the mushrooms' effects. Simon had not come back after twenty more minutes and we began to get worried. "Maybe he's off trippin' somewhere..." Mike finally came back with a case and was suprised to see that Simon was not back yet. He looked pretty messed up and he said that he had eaten some more mushrooms when they were getting beer. Then he pulled out a joint and sparked it. We laughed like hell at a piss-drunk guy trying to make his way back to town. I was not tripping yet and decided I would go try to get more mushrooms. Aaron, who had decided that tonight was not the best time for his first trip, and I went to go get some mushrooms and look for Simon. We soon saw Simon headed towards us and asked him where the fuck he went. He said he had to walk all the way across out little town and it was obvious that he was tripping. While we were talking, a we saw a car's headlights comming towards us. "It's the cops! It's the cops!" Aaron said. Simon quickly ditched his bag, which had a bottle of vodka in it, in the bushes. We were relieved to see that it was just some more friends. So we walked down to the beach and I asked Mike for some more shrooms. He gave me the rest of his which was probably about 2 grams. A friend from work came down and said that he had just passed this guy stumbling through the bushes about 20 yards from our fire, we laughed some more. By this time Mike had already had a few beers and I asked him how he was feeling. He kind of stared off into the distance and said he was in a cartoon. I noticed that the ground was liquified and rippling. I had to work at 7am the next morning, so we left at midnight. While walking to Mike's house I saw rainbows everywhere and my vision was entirely pixilated (I think that's what it's called). The ground was still moving and houses were melting. Aaron started dancing around Mike reciting the Loonie Tunes tune. When we got to Mike's house, my visuals were pretty much gone and we just sat around playing cards for a while. We were all very tired and me and Simon were spending the night at Mike's. Mike and I went outside to smoke a very small joint made of what was left of this really good shit I had gotten in the city called Northern Lights. Mike didn't seem to think that this would get us high. I just laughed and told him to wait. We came inside and Mike told me that it was very good weed. Mike and Simon almost went right to sleep. It was impossible for me. I had at least six different thoughts racing through my mind at the same time while music blared inside my head and colors danced infront of my eyes. I looked at the clock. Shit, already 3am. Only three hours to sleep. I tried desperatly to slow down my brain from hyper drive. I finaly fell asleep somewhere around 4am. I woke up and looked at the alarm clock. Oh shit! It's not even on! I look at my watch, 7:30. I'm a half hour late. I run out the door and when I get there they tell me that the power's out. Thank God. I go home and sleep.
Overall, this was one of the funnest experiences ever. Just like everytime I do mushrooms.

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