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Mushies in the Evening...

1:40am consumption 2:10am still no obvious effects noticed, although some tightening of the skin about back of the head could be felt.

1:40am consumption
2:10am still no obvious effects noticed, although some tightening of the skin about back of the head could be felt.
2:25am At this stage the subject was quite positive of a change in his perception of reality, walking felt different, although there seemed to be only a minimum impairment of ability. There was some degree of change to the sense of balance. A very significant reduction in the concentration span was observed. The brain seemed to be constantly distracted by an influx of new sensations. Each time the mind was distracted by something, the subjective time spent observing the new event was small, since the mind would very quickly become absorbed in some new and completely different event.

Walking around attained a new quality. It seemed that the way the balance information was used, was entirely new, although still able to function effectively. Some time was spent just walking around in a circle to experience the new feel to walking.

Sitting in the living room, looking through the bar/servery to the kitchen, a wall hanging could be observed to be moving relative to the servery window. After placing a bottle on the edge of the pool table, The plain curtains on the wall billowed continuously out towards the table.

The patterns on the curtains covering the main windows, appeared to move up and down in waves, relative to the curtains. The cushioned chairs appeared to breath slowly in and out. The rate and timing of this breathing was independent to that of the subjects.

Viewing the faces of other people in the room, the subject observed red and green glowing lines crossing their faces horizontally but following the contours of the face. One of the other participants in the room was wearing glasses, the rims of which glowed intensely red as though they were red hot, and the subject felt he observed fire in the persons mouth.

When the subject tried to drink, he found that his arm and the cup felt much lighter than they ought to be and he kept lifting the cup too high to place in his mouth. It was as if something kept pulling the cup up too high so that it reached the subjects nose instead of his mouth. This was intensely humorous, making the act even more difficult to perform whilst laughing.

The subject noticed that his arms feeling very light and seeming to have a life of their own, when told to reach for something, they reached out at a great speed with no additional effort needed on the subjects part. This continually surprised the subject causing him to repeatedly pull his arm back.

In one of the back rooms there was a pillow which had a pattern of black dots on a white background. When viewed it seemed as though all the dots were swimming about relative to each other on the pillow. When a hand was placed in front of the pillow in the field of vision, the pillow's pattern could be faintly seen on the back of the hand as if the spots on the pillow had leached through the hand.

The wall paper in the bathroom was a complex pattern of many colours, to the subject it seems as though the overall colour changed from red to deep purple and through orange and green. The subject also saw the white part of the pattern as being a glowing red colour, similar to the shade viewed on the faces of other people.

When viewing the pool table again the subject could see sparks emanating from the points of the ball pockets and arcing down to the floor. When one of the cues was picked up and held behind the head so that it was out of view, the surface of the cue felt as though it formed part of a hoop. Running the fingers along the cue produced the feeling of a curved surface of radius one meter.

When one of the other participants picked up a cue, it appeared to the subject that the person had picked up only one end of the cue, the rest of the cue followed slowly, such that the cue moved from an 'S' shaped stick slowly back to a straight line.

During the session, there was a portable CD player playing music. The subject reported an extra quality of liveness to it and an increased spatial quality to it. Just purely listening to the music gave the subject far more enjoyment than usual, the sound seemingly flowing through him such that it could be felt. The subject also observed that the music could be seen emanating from the speakers as a sort of brownish flow of powder, although the subject seemed puzzled by the fact that the powder flowed out of the speakers as two parallel streams rather than in the direction that the speakers were facing. (The speakers were positioned such that they pointed along the sides of an equilateral triangle. One particular track which is about one and a half to two minutes in duration seemed as though it lasted about twenty minutes of subjective time.

When venturing outside for the first time, the subject became fascinated by the stars and stood staring at the sky for some time, the subject noticed some extra stars which winked in and out of existence, although this was not what was so interesting. The transfixing part of the experience was the strange indescribable feeling associated with viewing the sky and the surrounding horizon. (The subject felt that he was unable to further define his experience at this point)

When viewing the lights of a distant town, it appeared, to the subject, as if the lights were joined together by blue lines. The subject found great pleasure in exerting himself by briefly running as fast as he was able, he commented that his body did not seem to respond as it normally would, since there was no obvious quickening of the breath or perspiration after the exertion.

Every object viewed seemed new and strange, each having new and unique properties, for example the texture of a stick absorbed the subjects full attention for a few seconds, briefly interrupting his plan to walk down some stairs.

The subject attempted to do some writing and found that the act of writing was very different, almost as if someone else was moving the pen. The writing was fast and untidy. Some of the things written were:

"I am writing this to prove I can whilst the table moves beneath the letters."

"I don't know why I wrote this"

At the suggestion of another participant he wrote:

"I don't want to write , so I wont! !"

Some patterns were drawn, with an explanatory message added next to one which read:

"The underlying pattern of the universe. If you look closely enough at anything, you will eventually see this pattern." The pattern consisted of three rows of circles, each row offset such that each of the circles of the next row touched two circles in the previous row. The subject saw this pattern in everything, it was most clearly visible with the eyes open and with a dim light present in the room.

On the servery table where the writing had taken place, there was also a serving tray with a mother of pearl base. To the subject, the surface of this base appeared to flow like a slow liquid.

Whenever the subject closed his eyes, he was presented with a dazzling array of colours and patterns. Most of the patterns were of a repetitive nature, resembling mandalas. The predominant colours were red and green and the predominant patterns were formed from circles and octagons. Some of the patterns consisted purely of lines, in some of the patterns, the lines consisted of square chains (all chain links had curved corners) Some of the patterns were three dimensional, consisting of the same basic pattern, but forming peaks and valleys. All of these patterns had the components continually moving relative to each other and the two colours swapping slowly between adjacent components.

When listening to the music with the eyes closed, the patterns and shapes moved in time with the music, and new sounds in the music brought forth new shapes and objects in the images experienced.

When going outside for the second time the 'underlying pattern of the universe' could be clearly seen as green lines on the surface of some small red pieces of metal. The subject decided to walk into the darkest part of the yard in order to test his sense of fear. This attempt was defeated by a sudden distraction. A piece of rope was tied between a tree and the fence at eye level, the subject then proceeded to experience the sensations associated with placing the rope between his teeth and tasting it and supporting his weight with it. He was convinced at one stage that there was a piece of dew on the rope which "stayed together" when placed in his mouth, such that he was able to move it around with his tongue. This entire experience was of such an intensely sensual nature, that the subjects awareness was confined totally to an act of raw sensation.

4:30 Approximate end of significant effects.
sleep was attempted and eventually achieved after watching closed eye images for around half an hour.

11/06/89 Sunday Morning

10:30am Awakened, to find all effects gone, except for a slight image of the recurrent pattern on the retina. The subject reported that an attempt at a recurrence of the effects using self-hypnosis was met with only a very limited success, a slight increase of the visual perception of the pattern was achieved with relative ease, although further effects could not be achieved at that point in time.

13/06/89 Tuesday Evening

11:00pm Whilst in a lightly hypnotised state and listening to a track from the CD which had been playing on the 10th a strong 'flashback' occurred. The subject experienced the same feeling of strangeness, and was able to observe the furniture in his room breathing. The curtains were his main object of study, since they appeared to be moving in waves, as though there were a wind blowing them, the curtains seemed to be moving a total of ten to fifteen centimetres from their natural position with a period of around four seconds. The total effect of the movements experienced, seemed greater in intensity to those noticed on the 10th, although during the 'flashback' there was almost no detectable light patterns. Standing up and moving around produced the same, although somewhat less intense, feeling of strangeness. There was also a marked decrease in the concentration span and memory, with the subject forgetting why he had decided to get up and walk to the other side of the table.
The effect latest around five to ten minutes.

14/06/89 Wednesday evening

11:30pm The flashback sensation re-occurred with the subject able to mentally force some of the visual experiences. The subject noted that the main difference between the drug induced images and the normal 'dream like' images is that the drug induced images seem to originate in the eye rather than in the mind and that the patterns were more line and circle oriented and glowed with a light of their own, in contrast to visions and images produced previously using meditation techniques, which appeared as though illuminated by an external source.

The Long Term Effects Observed:

The learned response: It was observed that the brain learned to attain some degree of these effects at any time and that these effects could be accessed via methods normally taken to access functions beyond conscious control. This fact appears to explain the occurrence of uncontrollable "flashbacks" in the average person.

With further research into attaining these flashbacks, it was found that a certain degree of effortless duration to the effects could be achieved. When manipulating the mind in a particular manner, it was found that all the usual symptoms appeared, but that the sudden ceasing of these symptoms was not attainable. This may be explained by the possibility of the brain learning to produce chemicals mimicking the effects of the drug, or by the brain chemistry altering in a manner which would normally take the drug to induce. This effect was strongly observed when the subject was once again placed in the presence of other participants consuming hallucinogens. The subject found that for a minimal effort, he could achieve the same effect as previously attained with the drug, but without consuming anything. This second incidence was reported by the subject as being more intense than the original consumption. Interestingly during this second incidence the subject noted several new phenomenon which he later observed under the influence of pure LSD. These being mood shifts associated with changing music. Also the visual effects were not as noticeable, with the 'underlying pattern of the universe' being almost totally absent. This was offset by a series of intense colour and spatial distortions exactly the same as those covered in the partner to this document (LEVEL 3).

In all three episodes the subject noted that during the experience, he felt very relaxed, and in fact under LSD his pulse gave a reading of 60 with normal blood pressure.

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