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Mush is Great!

I began my trip in the morning.

I began my trip in the morning. I decided I couldn't wait any longer, I had been holding on to my B+ casings for over a month. It took very long to fruit, longer than I had expected, so I was excited.

First I ingested them. I tried eating a couple half-stems bare, but the taste was pretty nasty and god did they tear up my throat on the way down. So I began ripping them up into bits and downing'em with water. I gagged a couple times on some sharp edged ones, but it was all good. Altogether I ate roughly around 2-3 dried grams. Then I just sat and chilled with some tv for a while to pass time by.

About an hour had passed, and nothing major had begun to happen. At about 1:15 past ingestion, I began to just sit and examine things. Thats when I noticed things were beginning to breath. I layed on my bed, and it looked like some sort of animal was under the matress crawling around. I also was playing on the computer, and I felt these blasts of energy. Sort of like being shocked, but it was like waking up from a dream in the morning. I felt one about every 30 seconds or so. It was definitely weird, but so awesome.

At about 1:30 after ingestion, I really began to feel the vibes. I was seeing things just breath in and out, my posters on the wall were warping around, and I layed there staring at my hat, thinking it ws a whale of some sort and I began talking to it. Real strange, but definitely cool. I saw clouds of smoke rising in my room, from no apparent place. I sort of had a reality check for a moment to make sure nothing was actually burning. I stared at my curtains for a while, they seemed to be melting to the wall and window. Very cool. Then I just went back to staring. I flipped on my black light, and grabbed a green-furry sort of thing. The texture on this stuffed animal was absolutely amazing. I kept feeling it like it was some sort of golden treasure. The most amazing texture I've ever felt. Very spiritual time.

At about 2 hours after ingestion, I was really feeling the body high. I decided to check out www.acidtrip.com. One word: Wow. Things were just amazing. I went ranting and raving into some chat rooms about how one of the java applets what so unbelievably beautiful, more beautiful than anything I've ever seen. This is when I just got into a trance of thought. I just observed things and thought about their true nature, and how awesome things really were.

Around 2 and a half hours after ingestion, I felt myself coming down off the peak a little, but things were still cool. I decided to go chill outside for a while. I just layed on my backyard, looking at the birds and the squirrels. I realized nature is so full of itself when you take time to look at it. Then the grass began to breath around me, so I decided it was time to bounce.

Around 3 hours later, then and only then did I begin to feel nauseous. Not serious nausea, but my stomach felt kinda upset and it was a hot day so the two did not mix. I just layed there and tried to get some things to begin to move and stuff, but I wasnt seein much anymore. So I just layed and flipped on some Tom Petty and it was just real relaxing.

For the rest of the day I just chilled, altho my stomach felt pretty strange for the rest of the day, not bad, but pretty strange. I was definitely satisfied with my first trip, considering it was only about 2-3 grams and it was B+. I hope to get my ecuadors fruiting soon and try them out at around the same dosage, and notice some differences. I will post that as well.



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