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mush and hottubs : )

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Hiya all! First a little about me: my name is Sarah, I just finished my first year of university, and last weekend I had mushrooms and had one of the greatest nights of my life.

Last Saturday I got a call from my friend Todd asking me if I wanted to join him and some other friends of ours for a large dose of shrooms. I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not, because I never really found mush to be very fun, so I told him that I'd think about it during the day and get back to him in the afternoon.

That day it was so warm and sunny and nice out, so me and my friend Krissy put on our bikinis and did some sun bathing on her roof. Around 5:00 Todd called and asked us if we wanted some mushrooms or not. Krissy really wanted to, but i decided that I'd pass on the mushrooms, but i'd maybe chill with them for a while anyway.

So we get showered and dressed and walk up to Todd's place. We ended up getting there around 7:30. There were a total of 5 of us there; Me, Todd, Kris, Eric, and Mikey. Everyone there was starving, so we orderred a couple of pizzas and cracked open some beers while we waited for the pizza to arrive.

Todd and Kris went upstairs to get the pizza, and me Eric and Mikey sat in the basement listening to sublime and smoked a joint. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. Todd and Kris came down with the pizza and we all dug in. It tasted a little funky, but i didnt mind. So we sat there for a while listening to music and just chilling. I asked Todd when he was going to go pick up the shrooms, and he said "Already did." I was like "Oh wow, that was fast." Then i decided that maybe i did want to trip out afterall, because it seemed like it would probably be fun, and I didnt want to be the only one sober. So I was like "Are you guys gunna eat them soon?" and he said "Already did, why did you want some?" And told him i did, and everybody laughed. "What??" i asked, a little confused. "I knew you would change your mind" he said, "thats why i put them on your pizza!"

Shit! Turns out i had just eaten over 2 grams without even noticing it. I thought it was kinda funny, although sorta evil too. Anyway, we sat there waiting for them to kick in.. it seemed to take forever. We were all so restless and anxious. About 40 minutes after eating them, we all started to feel the first effects; the giggly feeling and the restless feeling. For awhile Eric and Todd fought over what music to play (Eric wanted James Brown, Todd wanted cypress hill) Krissy started laughing her ass off watching the two of them argue about what to listen to. Finally James Brown won, and before long, Kris and I were up on the table and dancing while the boys played on Todd's computer. It was a blast, we were laughing so hard at our own dancing...

Anyway, once everyone started feeling the effects of the mush, we decided to go for a walk, and maybe pick up some more weed off of Mikey's friend at some parking lot. So the five of us walked, and ran, and skipped, and stumbled down the street laughing our asses off the entire way. Eric had his skateboard with him, but was laughing so hard that he couldnt keep his balance on it. Todd kept thinking about what would happen if squirrels around the world all of the sudden decided to start a war with humans. He got so worked up about it and started talking about it louder and louder, that at one point, 2 old ladies walking down the street started pointing and laughing at him. hahaha, it was funny..

So we arrive at the place where we're supposed to meet Mikey's friend, and he comes up to use and tells us that he didnt have enough weed to sell to us. We were all pretty bummed, cuz we had been planing on smoking a couple joints under the stars after the mushrooms wore off. Kris decides to call a guy she knows who can hook us up, and arranges a deal. One problem, he lives on the other side of town, and nobody can drive, cuz we keep tripping harder and harder every minute. Mikey's friend says he can fit 2 people into his car and he'll drive us there if we want. So Kris and I jump in and tell the boys that we'll meet them at the park in an hour. They say "cool" and wander off laughing.

Mikey's friend has a very small car, and I'm forced to sit on krissy's lap the entire way. I ask Krissy how she's feeling, and she tells me that she's alright, and only somewhat tripping. I'm feeling the same way too... but all that is about to change.

We finally arrvied at Krissy's contact's house, and he came out to greet us in a bathing suit. He introduced himself to me "Hey sexy, my name's Jason" then he kissed my hand. I tried really hard not to laugh in his face, but to no avail. :) He wasnt too offended, and led us into his back yard, where he had a hottub and a trampoline. I immediately hopped onto the trampoline and started jumping up and down. It was such an amazing feeling of weightlesness. I felt I could fly like Supergirl! I closed my eyes and jumped up and down and up and down, laughing so hard at the feeling that my eyes started watering. Jason and Kris, and Mikey's friend went inside to split up the weed, and i decided to give the hot tub a try. i still had my bikini in my bag from earlier when i was at Krisy's, so i changed into it and climbed into the hot tub. This was another amazing feeling. I couldnt beleive a hottub could feel so good. It's hard to describe the sensation of being immersed in warm water while on mushrooms. It's defineatly something i recomend.

Mikey's friend, Kris, and Jason came back outside, and Jason jumped into the tub with me. He told Krissy to join us, and I told her how amazing it felt. But kris didnt have her bikini on her like i did, so she turned off the patio light, told us not to look, and stripped naked right there, and climbed in. We tried coaxing Mikey's friend in with us, but he was kinda embarased and went back inside to play playstation or something.

Then, as we were sitting there, all of the sudden, the mushrooms started hitting me really hard... It felt like a sensation i've never felt before. Everything in the universe suddenly seemed "right". Everything in the cosmos suddenly made sense to me. I felt a sense of love and peace everywhere. I tried explaning it to Jason and Kris, but I couldnt form proper sentences from my thoughts. I sounded like a retard on crack. "It's like... everything, everywhere.... all of us, the flowers, the stars, its all.. it's like... ya know?" They just sort of rolled their eyes at me, but i didnt care. I was happy with everything.

Then Jason asked Kris if she wanted to buy more weed from him, but kris told him that we had no more money. "That's okay," he said "I'll give you 2 g's free if you make out with your sexy little friend here." We were shocked! "We're not dykes, ya know" i told him. He was like "I know, I know, but there's nothing wrong with two hot girls giving eachother a little kiss!" We were like, "umm, i dunno" at first, but then he offered us even more weed AND mushrooms... So we sorta giggled and said 'what the hell' and started kissing. Jason's jaw dropped. It felt so akward at first, but then like everything else i was feeling that night, it started to feel nice. Krissy really started getting into it and started using her tongue and stuff, but then we started laughing again, and had to stop. Jason was like "wow" . Just then we heard Mikey's friend come back outside and he told us that we were supposed to meet Todd and the boys like 20 minutes ago, so we jumped out of the hottub, dryed off, and got dressed. Jason gave us the extra drugs he promised us, gave me and krissy a hug, and made a joke about a love sandwich, or something...

Mikey's friend drove us back to the park, where we met up with the boys. The didnt seem to mind that we were late. They were having a great time playing on the swings, and telling stories and stuff. We all sat under the stars for a while and told each other what we all had been up to during the last hour (it seems Eric decided to pretend he was a ninja and kept jumping out at people walking through the park and yelling at them in his own little version of japanese). Mikey had the same sort of eye-opening experience about the universe that i did, and we tried to explain our theories with eachother. then We all lay on our backs looking up at the sky, passing joints around and pretty much just chilling. Eventually it started getting cold, so we all headed back to Todd's house and crashed there.

What a night! I'm so glad it was such a great time.

ps. try trampolining or hottubing on mushrooms! i cant recomend it enough! sarahv83@canada.com

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