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Multi-Racial Trippin

It was a tuesday night and I, a black guy, had grown a forest of shrooms.

It was a tuesday night and I, a black guy, had grown a forest of shrooms. My best friend, a mexican, and one of his good friends that I am cool with, an Iranian, had decided to trip tonight. I showed up to mexican's house with shrooms at 630pm. My mexican friend almost flipped at the huge bag of shrooms that I wipped out. (9 fresh). I came in and got my hands on a blender and some OJ. I took out mine and whizzed them and drank up!! Mex started eating then jast as they were. YUCK! I told him to blen them to get a spedier digestion. After we ate up, Iraninan showed up and was all happy and shit. I showed him the shrooms and he took a sniff: "yep, these are it man" he said. He has had some before. He whizzed some with OJ and drank up.

7:15 I started to feel something, Mex felt something too. Iraninan did feel anything. We rented the movie Blazing Saddles and decided to pop it in.

7:30 Iraninan started to come on. The movie was fucked up at first, they were talking about how they didnt want a nigger as a sherriff and shit like that. It didnt bother me, it was a Mel Brooks film, It was evened out humor teasing ALL races. They kept saying, "you want to turn it off"? No I said.

8:05 Were gone...My friends came over to me and told me that I am a fucking genius growing these shrooms. They were sooooo fucked up and so was I. We continued to watch the movie.

8:30...outterspace I was in Mex's kitchen watching a red throw rug laying on a white floor move slowly across the floor. the bristles on the rug started to flow like slow water. Whoa,I said. I ipnored the calls from my friends. Hey nigger, there isnt any chicken in there (we tease each other like that all the time and I said worse shit to them before). I kept looking at the rug and then the patterns allofthe sudden twisted. I screamed and ran back into the living room telling mex to come look at the rug move. I was all excited. Mex came and looked then made another racist joke and this time I replied. Shut up you fucking taco or something like that. Iranian started to get upset and called both of us back into the living room. Go fuck a camel I said to him. We all laughed so hard that I thought one of us was sure to puke. Mex still had his xmas lights up and we paused the movie to stare at them.--cool! We were so fucking high that we were restless!!!! One of mex's roomates came! down and had a laser pointer pen light thingy. It freaked us out to the max. I started to feel like I was coming down and I made a nother shroom shake. WHT the FUCK are you doing!, Iraninan said. Mex came up behind me and said Yeah nig- I mean man, youre going to get sick!!! I continued to make and drink my shake. We all sat back down and flipped thru the tv. we forgot about the movie. We came upon a movie called small soldiers. Boy did those special effects almost kill us. The fucking movie was violent as shit!!!!!I couldnt belieive that I let my kid see that shit!!Gooddamn. We all sprialed into a cool trip and ordered a pizza. We were so fucked up that we overpaid the pizza guy by 10 bucks. I know the pizza guy had to know something. When we paid for the pizzam, We kept looking at the money all funny. I couldnt tell a 10 from a 1 dollor bill. It was a good night, with lots of fun, we will do more next time----I looooooove shrooooooms!!!!!

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