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Mt. Shasta Beauty

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My first time wuth mushrooms was 2 years ago. I would say the trip was between a level 1 and 2 but it was a very special experience for me. I've only done mushrooms that one time so far, but I hope to do them again with a slightly higher dose later this year.
My boyfriend had successfully grown P. cubensis mushrooms, and he had a lot of fun doing it too. So we planned a weekend trip to the Mt. Shasta area in California. It was a time in our lives when we were both feeling good, and we were happy to be escaping the chill of the Humboldt summer (Humboldt is on the northern coast of California, where lots of Redwood trees grow. Beautiful area, and I enjoyed going to school there, but the weather was always too cold for me.)

So we arrived in Dunsmuir, a town right next to Mt. Shasta that weekend in June, and we were both just really happy. The weather was beautiful and warm, about 80 degrees and sunny, and we had a nice little room in the Cedar Lodge. We spent some time in the afternoon of our arrival just relaxin'. My boyfriend had done shrooms before, but I hadn't (just pot once in a great while and alcohol), so we decided to do a kind of low dose. That afternoon in our room at the Cedar Lodge we both ate about 1.2 dried grams of P. cubensis each. We chewed them down. They didn't taste very good, but I managed. . .
I wasn't feeling very much after about 30 minutes, so I thought nothing much was happening. Then I got up off the bed to take a shower, and found myself just LAUGHING while I took a shower. I knew then that the change had begun.

My boyfriend and I then went walking around the area of the Cedar Lodge, and we walked to this gazebo where you can look at Mt. Shasta in the distance and drink really good spring water out of this fountain. We had argued about an emotional issue on the way over to the gazebo. It's true, on shrooms your emotions are much more bouncy and just easily felt. But at the gazebo, we kind of made ourselves snap out it. That's where I realized you have to kind of control the experience a little, cuz I could have just ran with the thing I was upset about. After that, everything was fine.
We then decided to walk down this trail near the gazebo to the bottom of a ravine where there's a waterfall and stone cliffs and a creek. On the way down I felt so good and so light and so connected with the trail to the waterfall. We reached the bottom and sat on some rocks and just contemplated the beauty of the waterfall. I kept seeing faces in the rocks of the cliff. It was really neat. I've since went back to the same waterfall, and although I can't really see the faces anymore sober, it's still fun to remember seeing all the faces (I can see them still a little). After contemplating the faces and water for a while, we headed back up the steep trail to the top. I felt like a kid, jumping from rock to rock easily and lightly on the trail, sprinting around. My boyfriend and I were talking all the while, and we came upon this big tree on the trail, and talked about nature and the need to protect it. I really connected with the tree and felt like it was so alive. I remember feeling this reverence for the tree, and my boyfriend says I cried with such sadness at the thought of the tree being cut down, but I don't remember the crying part, just feeling like the reverence for the tree full of life, it's gnarled strength.

We made it to the top, to the trailhead and came out upon this grassy park-like area with some trees and park benches. It was so fantastically GREEN! It was a glowing green glade and we thought it was so beautiful. There was a couple there who wanted to know if the hike down to the waterfall was worth it, and we described it and recommended it to them. It was weird talking to sober people, because we didn't feel sober at all, and hoped we didn't seem too strange. We sat on a park bench and comtemplated the GREENNESS glowing of the glade and the beauty.

Then one of the most spectacular parts of the shroom trip. We went the short distance to the gazebo and sat in there looking up to snow-covered Mt. Shasta and the lady of the mountain. To some people, the formation of Mt. Shasta from the side we were viewing looks like a lady. It was near sunset, and the whole of the snow-covered Mt. Shasta and its companion mountain, Shastina, were bathed in this beautiful warm rosy glow. There really is a lady of the mountain--you can see her with her hair streaming down and her breasts pointed to the sky and the flat expanse of her belly down on one side of the slope. No one else seems to have noticed this, but while I was on shrooms I could also see a baby on the side of Mt. Shasta, resting in the crook of his mother's arms. So boyfriend and I just stared in awe for a long time at the beauty of the lady, and the baby, and the companion in the evening sun's rosy glow. And we had a vision. We looked out on a lush valley of green, with conifer trees edging it, and birds flying low over its expanse, and the valley snaked lushly and green from the gazebo to the base of the mountain far in the distance. It was magical, it was like a vision of old from the Garden of Eden. I will never forget how beautiful and sacred it all was. A couple came along and we pointed out the lady in Mt. Shasta to them, and showed them the beauty. We felt really abnormal, but the couple didn't seem too weirded out by us.

As sun set we returned to our room in the Cedar Lodge. Night fell. It was so weird being closed in by four walls. It felt like a box. It bothered us somewhat, and boyfriend and I talked about how weird it is to live in boxes.

I had brought along some music. I'm a big Tom Petty fan, so I'd brought along one of my favorites of his, the Wildflowers disc. It was night as I listened to it, and the music was so rich and just sounded so wonderful. I was so into it, and it seemed to go on for a long time.
I remember later in the evening becoming absorbed in the pattern on the bedspread. I felt the bounce as you go up and down. I never had a really down moment though on the shrooms. It was nice taking such a low dose because I still felt somewhat in control of myself.

In the middle of the night my boyfriend and I made love. I gave him a back massage and I was so into it. I was having visions. It felt so good. I would close my eyes and see these beautiful visions in the jungle. I can't really remember them distinctly, I just remember the feelings with them. We then made love, and I was having visions that i was a receptive flower, and I felt completely uninhibited and free and sensual and just enormous love for my boyfriend. So much love, and I knew that we were made for each other. we made beautiful love--that and Mt. Shasta were definitely the highlights of the trip for me.

The rest of the night we spent awake. Couldn't sleep, didn't want to. We watched TV, TV was weird, kind of alien. Around dawn or so I felt myself slowly coming back to earth, and what a disappointment. I didn't want to come back, because on shrooms everything seemed so easy. I'm a bit of a worrywart who tends to make things more difficult than they have to be, so it was so nice to escape that for a while, where everthing seemed so easy. But I finally came back to earth. I couldn't stop it. Believe me, I tried to prolong it as long as possible.

I felt like a child, a free spirit and it was really nice. Didn't get very much in visuals, but the mildness of the trip was really pleasant too. I definitely want to do more shrooms for my next trip, and I definitely want to go away to a nice spot again for my second trip. Boyfriend and I are both waiting for a good time, when we both feel in a really good head space. It's hard waiting though, as I've been really inspired reading all the shroom trips from people. It really seems like shrooms let you tap in to your soul and help you understand life. On my next trip I'm hoping to get some understanding on life, and feel some of that freedom again. I'll try to do a level three next time I think. Maybe some day I'll make it to level 5 and visit the Great Reality/Soul Freedom.

Happy shrooming all, and thanks for posting such great reports. It's so nice to get a respite from everyday reality, if you want to call it that:-)

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