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More shrooms plz

At first, It was going to be a night only for drinking, but in the end it turned out to be an experience I will never forget.

At first, It was going to be a night only for drinking, but in the end it turned out to be an experience I will never forget. I had about 8 oz. of Seagrams 151 (75.5% alcohol content) which is equivalent to about 14 shots of regular 40% hard liquor. We went to 7-11 first so we could all get some mix (a big gulp or two). We saw some people there that we knew. They said that there was 6 cop cars at the Snow Dump (a huge pit where people party).

So the cops broke it up and we needed another place to go. We decided to still go to the Snow Dump because the cops might be gone. So we all went there, parked and sat around the fire for a while. It was kinda boring and the cops might have shown up have we stayed longer. Everyone decided to go to the Sunshine Pits (the other pits where people party.) Our ride, for some reason, had took off just a few minutes before so we had no ride. There was someone with a truck. We asked if we could get in the back, they said no. When they were driving away we jumped in anyways. Laird and Dave, two of my friends both jumped in at the same time and they clunked heads. I heard the smack. I barely made it in, he was driving away pretty fast. I basically fell in when the driver slowed down to turn a corner.

So at the Sunshine Pits there wasn't very many people. Eventually there was quite a crowd. Like 100+ people. For some reason they tried to start a fire in the middle of the road. It wouldn't get going because it was too windy. We poured some 151 on, and with it being 75.5% alcohol, the first started up right away. I stuck around for a while but I wasn't having very much fun. I met a girl that I hadn't really talked to for about 3 or 4 years. We chatted for a while. I left and came back later and saw a few friends from school. I said "what's up guys?" They told me that they had taken some mushrooms. I asked them where they had gotten them, and Terry introduced me to the seller. Since it was my first time, I only bought 2 grams. It cost me 20 bucks. I don't know whether this was a good price or a bad price. I guess it would vary from place to place. I ate them quickly. I didn't even mind the taste of them for some reason. Everyone that I've talked to says they taste horribly horrible. Oh well.

So I downed them quickly. We were all sitting in the back of Charlie's (the seller) truck. It had a cap on it so it was very quiet and the smoke from the huge 10 foot fire couldn't get to us. Only 10 minutes had passed so it wasn't very exciting yet. Two others in the back of the truck, Terry and Scott, were really tripping out. Charlie decided that we would all go back to Dallas's place just to vedge out. She lived in the basement of a huge house so we had to be quiet. That wasn't a problem though because by the time we had arrived there I was starting to get the effects of the mushrooms.

Lights were brighter, I saw swirling colors around them, the walls were sort of blurry and I was amazed by some of the stupidest things.

As the night went on, I began to become really zoned out just by rocking in this really comfortable chair. I sat there for what seemed like hours. But really it was only about 20 mins. I need to go to the washroom so I wobbled down the hall to find it. What a walk. It was really the first time that I had stood up since the trip started full on. The walls were really tall and the hallway looked really really long. There was no light at all in the bathroom but for some reason I could see. Maybe it was because my pupils were opened to about the size of marbles.

The walk back wasn't as fun. I decided to take a look into her room. What a neat room. There was plaid cloth on her walls so it looked like I was seeing double but it was just how the pattern looked. I sat on her bed and just sat there amazed and in a daze. I wanted this moment to last forever. The walls were now also breathing. They were moving in and out, in and out very slowly. There was some punk music playing on teh cd player. It was really neat. I couldn't really make it out too well, but it seemed very loud. It was loud for the longest time, but then all of a sudden it was like I snapped out of a trance and the music was so quiet I could barely hear it. I couldn't explain it.

After that I got up and sat in the comfortable rocking chair again. It felt even better this time. It felt as if my body was twisted around at the legs. When I really looked hard, everything was shifting slightly forward, and then it skipped back, and then it slid forward again. This repeated for a few minutes. Tracy, a girl that lives near me, decided she was going to walk home now. I was going to go with her because walking alone at 2 am wouldn't be very fun especially if the walk was 30+ city blocks away and it was below zero degrees outside (celcius that is). I didn't think walking home would be too fun even with Tracy, but it was. It was very dark so things like leaves on tree branches appeared to be hanging in midair. I ducked under several branches because I thought I was going to walk into them. Tracy told me that they were very high above my head but I didn't believe her and ducked anyways. My perspective on things had changed. I couldn't see more than 100 metres in front of me. It was just like in a computer game where your view is foggy ahead of you. Just like it.

When we got to a certain point we had to split up and go seperate ways. She lived further north than I did. It was even more fun walking alone. It was hard to remember the way home because everything was dark and twisted. I keep thinking that someone was walking behind me as well. On the street I was currently on all the houses looked extremely far away. They all looked very very tall, also. It was great.

I finally found the path through the houses that I needed to take. Hills and slopes on the road were very apparently. I almost fell over a few times because it felt like the hills were too steep to stand up on.

Arriving at home was very nice. It was pretty cold outside so my cough had flaired up and my cheeks were very rosey. I had to brush my teeth because the horrible taste in my mouth was now becoming apparent. I looked directly into myself in the mirror. My pupils were still very dilated. I put a cd into the cd player in my room. It was a cd I had been listening to lately, The Best of the Essential Mix 1999. It includes some very good trance, house and acid house songs. It was atleast 10 times better while coming down off the shrooms. The music sounded very distant and when I closed eyes to sleep I saw some very wierd things. There were many faces, and they kept changing into new ones. The walls seem to disappear. The only thing that actually existed were my hands, my eys, and the sound of the music at the foot of my bed. I stayed awake for almost an hour while the cd finished up. The last thing I remember is looking at the closk. 3:47 am. Wow.

I slept like a baby until maybe about 11:00 am. I had had some very wierd dreams involving Superman travelling back in time to change the future. It was very vivid. Time seemed to stop for a while in my dream. I was rudely awakened by my mom invading my room to do my laundy. What a trip.

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