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More intense than you think...


Hello. I'm going to tell you about the 2nd time that I tripped on shrooms.

The setting is winter, in Minnesota, in a house in my neighborhood. It's a great hangout spot, and I began to go there frequently, beginning shortly after school had started. Two of the people that I was hanging out with there both wanted to try shrooms. One of them had already done them, but the other had not. We were stuck on that thought, convinced that we were going to get high, and soon.

During the evening, we got lucky and were able to pick up a quarter of some dried mushies. There was nothing special about them, just your typical batch. I was semi-skeptical about doing them, because I knew all of the risks. Truthfully, the only thing there is to be afraid of is a bad trip. I didn't want that, and I initially decided not to do them. In this brief time of personal denial, my friends were munching away, absolutely gorging on them. I suddenly changed my mind...

The actual mushrooms were about finished, but there was plenty of shake left in the bag. Noone in the room had begun feeling the euphoric effects yet, even after injesting nearly 1/8 of shrooms each (not me, only my friends). They happened to have some weed, a ususal occurance, and they started to fire up the bowl. I got in on it, and was getting a little high going from that. By this time, all of the mushrooms that were in tact were gone, so we started to make half weed half shroom shake bowls. The odor of the burnt shake was putrid, yet the taste was almost sweet, and the smoke drifted into my lungs smoothly and effortlessly.

As time passed, about an hour and 15 minutes after my friends had eaten the shrooms, they started to feel really good, and the visuals had set in somewhat. I started to really feel the body high effects from the shrooms once we started making all shroom shake bowls. For about the next 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, be continually packed bowl after bowl of the shake. Once we had finished every last morsel and every last piece, we all chilled, and let the shrooms take us away.

We all sat in chairs, close to one another. The whole night we were like that, as if a sphere was surrounding us and keeping us near one another. We felt superbly. We chatted and probably made no sense, but all were laughing to the point of exhaustion (a desireable fatigue).

Now are minds were on high. My mind was in another place. I had the constant feeling of weightlessness, being gently waxed and waned on clouds. There were more people around now, too many people, which made the experience less than great for a time, but still awesome. I found myself marveling at almost everything-the walls were breathing in syncronis, there was a separate world from ours inside the reflection of a cd, and there was a poster that popped out of its skin, persay. Through all this, I kept a constant laugh. My friends smoked cigarettes, and wanted to take a smoke break now and again. Mind you that we were in the middle of a Minnesota winter, at night, and still we were standing in our sphere outside in the cold. The first time that we went outside we were laughing our asses off, standing in our own microcosim, feeling like we were one with ourselves. On our way back in, me and one of my buddies accidentally, haha, got stuck in the doorway on our way in. We laughed for the rest of the trip about that.

The next time that we went outside, we again laughed our asses off, just standing there in the same spot. After they had finished the nasty-ass cigarettes that they were smoking, we just decided to chill out there for a bit. One of the guys went out to the sidewalk outside of the fence, and started walking. He was tripping pretty hard, and thought that he was walking through a tunnel. I chased him down, calling his name the whole time. He couldn't hear me. When I caught up to him, I asked him what the fuck he was doing, and he started laughing, and said "I thought I was walking through a tunnel, like the park was right there, like 2 steps away!" Yeah, he was toasted. He was walking sideways, crooked-like, and that clarified the whole "tunnel" thing.

We eventually went inside after that, and resumed our amazing trip on everything in the room. For some reason, I asked one of my friends to let me see his hand. I pressed my finger into his hand about 1/2 an inch. That was trippy as hell, and the coolest thing about it was that we all saw that. We tripped out on a few more things, and always talked and laughed. My friend who was tripping for the first time was so high at one point that he couldn't talk. He was probably at a nice level three.

Our trips eventually wore off. My friends stupidly decided to waste their money on another quarter of shrooms, and they didn't even get high from them. They did the same thing, eating them, then smoking the shake. I was beat and ready to head home. I decided to get a nice body high off some of the shrooms they were smoking, and I got a nice one and proceeded home. The walk was a time of reflection, positive reflection, and I know now that this will be an experience that I will never forget.

Thankyou for reading this shit. Be safe, and have alot of fun tripping if you are now, or would like to. Peace.

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