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Yes Folks it's me agian, your favorite Psyconaugt Jaquai with another tale from the land of the ShrooM.

Yes Folks it's me agian, your favorite Psyconaugt Jaquai
with another tale from the land of the ShrooM.

It was a very nice day today here in sunny Colorado. Some
nice dark clouds rolled in around noon and we recieved a
light dusting of snow. A perfect cozy evening. I opened my
little Cedar Box, where I keep my stash, examining my
beauties - contemplating if I should eat a few. I had to be
at work in a few hours, as I work graveyard shift, so I
descided that if I took a low dose it would be pretty much
worn off by the time I got to work so I did.

I choose 3 smaller cubies and shredded them into a cup of
chai. I proceeded to drink the cup as I talk to my bro. via
the internet. about 20min later I could feel the magic
starting to work so I descided not to waste my time chatting
on line so I said my good byes and left cyperspace.

I then went to my room where I turned on Radioheads-Kid A
made a comfty spot on my bed and began looking through a
book of Japanese Prints. If you have ever studied Japanese
prints you will know what I'm talking about. They are
beautiful - the colors and patterns and the Nature scenes
are the best. The light dose of magic made these picture
come alive with color and flow. I sat there for about a half
hour gazing into what seemed to be other worlds in those
pictures. Like you could jump into them and become one of
the characters in the scene. Like the sidwalk picts. in Mary

I then turned my attention to my Didgeridoo as the album was
over. (Radiohead is awsome on shrooms by the way) I began to
drone away on my Didge- the sound was increadibly relaxing
and mystical as always but enhanced by the shrooms.

I was running low on Chai so I proceeded to the kitchen to
warm up another cup when I noticed that it had snow'd. I
couldn't help myself, I had to go outside so I did. As I
shoveled the walkway to my car I began to look around at all
the lightly dusted trees and how beautiful they looked. Then
my attention was turned to the crisp December night sky. I
noticed the usual enhanced depth perception as I gazed at
the stars and the clouds. This is where it got really
interesting. The clouds were moving faster than usual
swirling about in the light of the moon and I began to
notice the depth of the clouds which is not noticible in the
normal state. This phenomenon always blows me away. As I
watched the clouds dance in front of the moon I began to see
another amazing visual phenom. I could actually see the
moons corona. (The light reflecting from around the moon was
split into 2 colors violet and blue and seemed to kind of
bend out towords me in a cresant shape) This was one of the
most mind blowing visuals I have ever experienced. I had to
just stand there in the still of the night starring at the

I often wondered what made wolves howl at the moon. Now I
think I know. Bye that time it was about time for work so I
finished scraping off my car and got ready for work. When I
arrived at work the magic was slowly wearing off just as I
had planned. (boy I'm getting good at this) I felt very
happy and satisfied for the rest of the night and
fourtunatly I have a job which requires minimal brain
function so I was able to go over some of the things that I
had learned from this mini journey.

I think that sometimes these short jaunts into the realm of
the shrooms are just as good as the full blown ones. I would
suggest taking one of these mini journeys once and a while.

Well, that's about it for this time and if anyone wishes to
e-mail me and discuss things further feel free. I will be
taking my first jump into the land of Ayahuasca this weekend
so any suggestions would be appreciated. I think I will do
it at my favorite place in the enchanted forest where my
rock and tree friends reside, for I know this place well.
Jaquai(a medicine man) E -mail DesignerJman@aol.com
So long inner space fans - Good Journey to you all.

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