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It was a norml feb morning and me and a few friends decided to trip ALL fucking day.

It was a norml feb morning and me and a few friends decided to trip ALL fucking day. It is funny about my friends and I. None of us are the same color. I'm black, one white Iranian, one Mexican. With me being the most open, I always dish out the first racial slur. (as a joke). I had some shrooms, alot, enuff for everyone to trip off of. White boy wanted to eat his own shrooms that he grew himself.
That was cool with me, more shrooms for the rest of us. Mexican kept begging for weed with his shrooms. Iranian was very impatient and got on all of our nerves. I was dishing out racial slurs left and right pissing everyone off. After a fatal racial blow to the Iranian, I was told to shut the fuck up because we were getting ready to eat shrooms and trip. I broke out the gelcaps and everyone was relieved that they didnt have to taste these nasty ass shrooms. White boy drove me over to his house to take a look at his cakes that he had growing. He was all ready to eat but I pointed out that the vibrant green mould on the cake with the shrooms on it was not safe to eat. He informed me that since the mould wasnt touching the shroom, he would be ok. After I tried to warn him a few times, he got mad at me and picked the shrooms and told me to shut the fuck up because I just wanted his shrooms for myself. "Alright you fucking white clansman, I wont help you if you get sick, you stupid trailor-park mutherfucker" were about my exact words to him. I was mad at him because I knew that I would not have a good trip worring about him.

Well, when I got back to Mexican's house, they had taken their dose and were playing playstation. Whitey ate his shrooms on the way in the car. I took mine as soon as I got in.

30 min. being the last dosee, I felt nothing. Mex and Iran were getting giggly. Whitey felt nothing either.

1hr 'Hey watermellon, collard greens, chitterling eating x-slave. Do you feel anything" replied Mexican. "No! you fucking bean picker, go fuck your little taco bell dog" I said.

1hr 17min. Whitey said that his visuals were kicking in strong and he felt sick. He dissmissed it as normal shroom side effects and kept playing playstation.

1hr 30min. I felt goood. I looked at the rug and it was like a fucking beach. Now that we all were tripping, we went to the park for a walk. BOY was that a fuckin adventure.. I tried to talk to girls jogging by but I was scared that my wife was looking. Mexican's fiending ass was steady searching for a place to roll and smoke a joint.
Iranian almost got cuaght by police pissing in public. He said that he felt like the gelcaps were still in his throat so he drank alot of waterto get them down. White boy was looking pitifull. He tried his best not to let us know that he was fucked up inside. We all sat on a bench and fucked with each female that rollerbladed by. I said something to this white girl that was floating by and she stopped and turned around and came back. I couldnt see her very well until she got closer. She asked me what I said and I relpied. I never rollerbladed before and asked her was it difficult. I took a good look at her and she was one of the most prettiest looking white girls that I ever saw. Nice red head with sexy freckles all over her face/neck and back. pretty wavy hair pulled back into a pony tail. In my beshroomed state, I felt that I could learn to rollerblade today. My friends were amaized that she was even taking to me. Then she said those words: 'You know, did anyone ever tell you that.'... I interrupted her and finished the sentence for her. 'I look like Micheal Jordan'.."yeah! she said. She could tell that I was tired of that and she left it alone. BUT my nuts got really big I told her that I was married and asked her in front of my friends could she be my play-date for the day and if she wanted some shrooms.

The bitch said YES!!!. Irainian gasped in disbelief. I turned and said, "What, niggers and white girls cant skate together?" 'No' he said, 'she said yes to shrooms'. Replied Irainian. 'Damn' the girl said. We all explained to her how we were cool with racial slurs in our group. Kelly was her name. I went and got some skates and she laughed at my size 15 skates. FUCKING humungus she said. 'that's not all' I said back. She blushed and I grabbed her hand and we took off. I NEVER did this before and I knew that everyone knew that we were tripping. Kelly downed some aborts that I had in a small bag and we skated hand in hand thru the park. She came on in 1/2 hr. I lost my friends and me and Kelly sat In the grass and looked at the sky. I started talking to this guy's dog and shook his hand. Kelly laid back in the grass and so did I..Splat!!! I laid back in dog shit!! FRESH. Mex strolled by with a chick and they both stared yappin jibberish(they were both high off of weed) I became the center of jokes. Shit always finds me....White boy walked by and asked for mexican's truck key so he could lay in the truck. Wish granted, Mex was so fucking high he could unscrew his dick and give it away. Kelly said that she lived in skating distance and would hook me up with a tee shirt and a quick wash. We stumbled and skated to her house. We knocked heads a few times and both got real giggly at times. We were all over each other I think I was going to get some ass today, but cheating is bad and I couldnt do it even if she opened her legs and hung a sign on her clit that said 'free pussy' it's just not right. I tried to avoid hitting this old lady's dog and ended up crashing into a garbage can. I got up and dusted myself off. I opened my eyes and people were DYING laffing at me. I grabbed my croch like Micheal Jackson did and gave them the finger. Kelly helped me with that too. After I washed up and got a clean shirt from Kelly, we set off to find my friends. I was beginning to trip VERY hard. Kelly was long gone. We almost kissed a few times and you could swear that we were dating or something. I had a hard time fighting the guilt away. I wanted her badly, very badly. It was right there for me to get. I wonder if a hand job is cheating? I just wanted to fuck her and be all mean and slam her from the floor to the celling and bounce her off of walls and shit. I got rid of those thoughts and I pushed on.

Irainian rented skates and found this guy that he works with strolling in the park, they were talking about somthing. He pointed at me and said something to his friend. Kelly and I skated further and ran into Mex, and he didnt look to good. he said that he went to check up on whitey and said that he was unconsious. I got Irainian and we all went the car. Whitey was blue in the face and wasnt breathing much. I sent Kelly home. (I got her # just incase I ever got a divorce, or wanted to get my wife back if I ever found out she cheated on me) heh heh. We rushed Whitey to the hospital. Mex and Iranian were both a high yapping babbling mess. I was kinda worried too. We dragged his ass into the ER and Mex starts yelling: Overdose! Overdose! Dr! Dr!I reached back with all my leg power and kicked the shit out of him. God, I swore I broke something on him. He shut up though. We explaind to the doctors what happend. Iraninan was hitting on a nurse and getting play! The Dr.treated whitey and the rest of us sat in the waiting room. I saw a cop come thru the doors and almost lost it. Mex looked up and was like, oh god! He started to pray in spanish. Irainian look frighted too. I felt better when I saw two guys in bright orange uniforms with ' state prison' marked on them being escorted by the cop. Wheeeew! later, the nurse came out and said that Whitey was going to be ok, and just had a high toxic poisoning of some sort in his liver.

After all of this was over, Whitey applogized to me for ingoring my pleas not to eat the shrooms. He was mad at hisself when he heard how the day was for the rest of us.

I call Kelly from time to time and got her started on growing some regular cubensis. I'm going to fuck her one day you watch!!


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