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Dose- 2 grams each (dried)
Who-4 Good buddies
When- Last night
Well the day started out with me writing two final exams, but to my surprise i felt like i did really well. After returning home my roomate had aquired an ounce of mush. So after some debating, me and my three other roomates dosed (2 g each).
It hit me first lying on my bed, my stomach began to hurt terribly, I'll admit it i was scared, it had never hurt before (only done them twice only mild effects). The pain quickly subsided to me laughing my ass off about how my roomate was planning on cheating on his next exam. Tears filled my eyes as i was curled into the fetal position on the bed. It felt so comfortable and warm, as though i could lay there for ever, until it felt like i was sinking into it, i felt like i would never get out, my friend had to pull me out. We decided to get up and watch some tv downstairs. COPS is fucking funny damn dirty mullet men running away from cops. I felt as though i was going to die laughing, at this point my compainions had begun to feel the effects as well.
After getting very interested in the breathing carpet and cieling,and intensly bright televison, we decided that a mushroom walk was in order. It was quite cool so we bundled up, I just couldn't figure out how to get into my damn jaket, while my bud couldn't solve the riddle that is the zipper. Finally as we strolled around our university town i felt as though i was walking with my pants around my ankles ( i was constently checking to se that tehy hadn't fallen down) i couldn't walk right, all flowwy and bounzy really cool feeling. The stars were wonderful, bright and streaky, as if some huge hand hand wiped them all blurry. We made our way to a playground and plyed on the swings and raced eachother through the maze of jungle gym equipment, it was liberating, i felt like i was 7 again, great. Next onto the baseball field for a game of ball, minus the bats and balls. It was great, everyone was a star.
The only problem was that our groups communication skills had regressed to the point that sentances were made up of "WHAT" and "balaw" none of us could understand what anyone was saying, it sounded like a different language, but strangly we still we able to understand eachother on some wierd level. when we got confused we would just laugh. Returning home we just chilled out and listened to some music (incubus- morning view recomended, or anything by DMB)
As i drifted of to slip i felt absolutly wonderful, i felt ALIVE for the first time in a while. I realized that life is great, and things are gonna be okay. Thaks for reading sorry it was long. Some other stuff happened that i didn't inculde.

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