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Okay, I've done shrooms twice before but I never really felt anything but a body high. Well last night, I was all drunk and gave my homie $20 to get me a bag. I went over to get it and he said he didn't have it but he had some shroomz so I got 2 grams and ate them immediately. My girlfriend got all mad at me and broke up with me cuz she said I'm two-faced and fake! (whatever, stupid bitch) ANyway, we went downstairs in this basement and starting smoking out. I started to feel real funny. I could feel the trip coming in like what i would say was waves, like 5 minutes apart and each one getting stronger. I started getting scared cuz these fuckers had brotha lynch playing and it was really fucking with me. ALso I could feel all 3 of my friends staring at me and I watched the lightswitch kind of expand and then get smaller. I watched the floor start to swirl and colors were on it. I could see black bugs crawling all over the ground. I don't know why but I could feel like my friends could read my thoughts and see anything I've ever done in my life. I couldn't even talk anymore cuz I felt so wierd and uncomfortable. I just kept thinking just leave me alone, let me stay down here by myself- JUST LEAVE! and the my friend's wife went upstairs cuz she's all "I think he's having abad trip. My nose was running real bad and I started crying - without sobbing really - tears were just pouring from my eyes and I felt so scared. They kept talking to me and asking me if I was all right and I wouldn't reply. Every time I would think of something, I would glance at them and they would just glance back at the exact time as if they knew what I was thinking. I was so sure that they could see what I was thinking and it only kept getting worse. I was moaning and making wierd noises for awhile and my friend had to help me on the bed. They wanted to go upstairs n watch t.v. but I wanted to be alone but my friend wouldn't let me. This was when I was really crying bad and I was thinking "Fuck I just wanna die - just let me fuckin die please." My friend could tell what I was thinking- I swear- and he was like "Come on bro - it's okay - you'll be alrigth - just take my hand let's go upstairs." Then we just watched t.v. and I swear every single time I thought of something - I would look at one of em and rigt when I started to turn my head, I noticed that ll 3 of them had turned to look at me at the same time. I finally calmed down but I was still kinda shaken up. I want to know if it is really possible for someone to be able to read your mind when your tripping. It was like I seen aall these bad things I've done in my life and they could sense it or something. I started tripping at like 8:30 and it ended around 12:30 but it felt like tim ehad really been slowed down and that we were sitting there for an eternity. It seemed like time just didn't exist on any leveel anymore and I really felt the desire to talk to someone else who wasn't tripping. I finally crashed out n left in the morning before my friends woke up. Now I feel really wierd about going over there anymore - I think they saw into my mind and didn't like what was there cuz even my friend's wife was like "Oh my GOd!" every time I thought of something. too wierd way too wierd. any thoughts or explanations. I had my friend go buy me 2 more grams today but I don't really want to take them right now cuz I'm by myself and my parents are home. well help me out with any advice you can please. thanks

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