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Mind orgasm

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I had never done mushrooms before and I was so excited when
I was invited over to a friends house who had just got a
shipment in. We didn't get there till 10:30 and I had to
home by 12. With no idea as to what would happen to me and
not caring by that point I made my friend (who wasn't doing
anything) promise to get me home. I swollowed the 9 pills,
which was equivalent to 1.5 grams.

For half an hour we sat around. Some of them were still
peaking on the weed smoked earlier. I was very mildly high.
Just enough to relax me. Not much happened and at 12 my
friend walked me home. Though I didn't feel like I was in my
body. As I explained to him I was an incredibly heavy ball
floating in a sea of helium. Indescribable.

While at home I decided to do some drawing before sneaking
out again. I was no longer thinking. My mind was drawing,
not my hands. I could feel myself lost in what I was
drawing. Seeing the scenes unfold before me, hearing the
laughter of the character, seeing him move.

I ran back to my friends house. While running I could tell
that my body was tired, but I couldn't feel it. I felt
great, like flying. The ground lengthened and foreshortened
infront of me.

Lying on the couch, my pupils almost as big as my irises.
Frog eyed. I was learning how to trip. Staring at the
ceiling it aquired two layers, which moved and twisted
separate from one another. Like watching water and oil swirl
around. I could draw on the ceiling with my fingers, leaving
a trail of transparent rainbows behind them. I could see my
hands move. I could actually see movement behind my hands.
Out of the corner of my eye the door slid away from me and
fell backwards. Like a horror movie where the background
quickly falls away from the character. The faces of everyone
in the room were amazing, so clear and detailed. My heart
was constantly beating incredibly fast even though I was
sitting still.

Time was nonexsistant. Then the music. Lying in the dark,
sandstorm pulsing through our ears. There was no control. I
had to move my hands. I could feel the music, it was moving
and controlling me. I was a puppet and it pulled my strings.
The song starts slow, which allowed me to drift furter into
my trip. As it built up my hands moved faster and faster.
Then the music climaxed and so did I, moving so fast that I
was still, colors and lights. An explosion of energy and
emotion. I could no longer tell if my eyes were open or
closed. It was like having an orgasm with my mind.

Song after song, they took over my world. I was shaking and
shivering. Couldn't tell if I was cold. Heart racing. Words
were useless. I couldn't twist my mind around what I was
trying to say. Couldn't hear what I was saying, didn't even
know if I was talking.

I looked at my boyfriend and his head became angled. It was
square and sharp. A beautiful abstract. The guy beside me,
whom I was becoming strangely attached to, turned into
Archie. I felt like he enjoyed my trip and liked my
presence. Stoned out of him mind. Throughout my trip he
would tap him hands, fingers or leg to the music. Tapping
his fingers on my legs or moving his leg beside me
intensified my trip. I could feel the music through him.
Beautiful minds.

I flew home. Running in the middle of the street with my
arms spread out like a bird. 3 in the morning, no cars.
Ground covered in snow which glistened and moved under me.
Lying in bed and staring out the window. Clouds and trees
moving and foming shape

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