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mind expansion: 101

The night started out simple enough; I went over to my friend jason's house after school to drink some beer.

The night started out simple enough; I went over to my friend jason's house after school to drink some beer. After a few me and joey decided to walk up to a Dex's house to kick it for a while. When we got there i still had a beer in my hand. We talked for a while, smoked some herb, then joey challenged me in a game of chess. After about 5 minutes i had him in check-mate. Dex was impressed with the speed and efficiency of my skills, so he wanted to play me.

In the middle of the game Jason came over and asked if me and joey wanted to come to a party at brad's house. (i was undecided at the moment but..)Then he said "there's going to be shrooms there". We quickly left thereafter.

We got there and quickly made the purchases of the dried shrooms. The person selling them kept them in a chinese take-out box. I thought that was a nice touch. I have no idea what my dosage was but i remember they tasted like roasted pumpkin seeds.

I had never been in brad's house before, and i noticed the various wall mounts of deceased dear, bear, elk and other various animals. I was intrigued by the idea of how they might aid my trip, especially because in the seat i was in a mule dear was looking straight at me with an odd look on it's face.

All of a sudden it started to hit me in the middle of a hackey sack game. I had this feeling all over my body and i could feel something strange starting to happen with my eyes.

Tracers started. The hackey sack was no longer an object bound to gravity. It was completely controlled by our minds. I was hacking better than i have before. Executing tricks in perfect sequence.

Playing pool was fun also. it had still not really hit me though. After i had lost at pool, i sat down on the adjacent couch. Under the pool table i noticed a small red power ranger doll. I immediately grabbed it. I moved the power ranger around as if he were dancing. A couple of my friends noticed and started laughing.

Too many people were cluttering up the pool room so me and steven left. We went to the living room and sat down where brad was watching the cowboy way. Lame movie, but it was alright at the time. My attention was drawn to the carpet. It was an odd pattern with stains and dirt, and a sparatical pattern of hay (i live in a podunk town in oregon). All of a sudden the carpet fibers began to look like a tightly packed bunch of fingers slowly moving. Upon which the hay fragments would move around like a stage diver at a concert.

It felt as if i was swimming around everywhere i went. I can't describe the level in which i was in because it was just thing around me. Like the time i found the cookie jar. It was fasioned to look like an owl. The feathers protruded a little bit and the cookie jar sort of came to life. it looked real.

The usual group i hand out with ended up in the kitchen where me and steven put on a show with the power ranger while joey, jason, shawn, and mark watched. Steven made the power ranger come to life with various dance moves, and i made him execute some karate moves. The show seemed to entertain the group and i had fun doing it.

We decided to abandon brad's house to return to the familiar dwelling of jason's. The drive was interesting. Jason about wrecked, that freaked me out. Jason drives this huge ford crew cab. Me, joey and steven sat in the back. It was like we were in our own environment, our own world. Whatever mark, jason and shawn were doing or saying didn't concern us.

When we got to Jason's house Joey and steven left for joey's. The rest of us went to bob's. There we sat and drank beer and smoked weed, a whole lot of weed. It felt as if the alcohol and the chronic was bringing back the high from the shrooms. We watched the haunting and it was pretty cool.

This was an interesting first trip. i had a whole lot of fun. I wish i would have had time to write everything i experienced but that would take too long.

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