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Mild Hysteria

10:00 p.

10:00 p.m. Me and my buddy, D, ingested about 2 grams each of the magic fungi. This was my buddy's first trip and only my second in about two years. The taste was actually not too bad. We were expecting the worst and I guess that helped. Along with some tall glasses of water we had everything down fairly quickly.

10:30 p.m. Now the effects are starting to take shape fairly quickly. Not really any hallucinations yet but just a feeling of giddiness. We couldn't stop laughing. Everything was hilarious. I was sitting on his couch in the den and he went to talk to his mom in the other room. Or at least I thought she was in there. I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen for some reason and ended up rolling around on the couch laughing. I could hear him start laughing in the other room. If either one of us started laughing it started a chain reaction and lasted no less thatn five or ten minutes per episode.

11:00 p.m. Everything in the house started to take on a surreal or dreamlike quality. At this point we knew we were in for some fun. We headed up to his room and had the lava lamp already heated and going nuts. We laid back on his bed and looked at his posters. At this point the posters started breathing. Not really breathing but waving I guess would be a better description. From the floor up the posters would sway. Like they were liquid. He has a Rage Against the Machine poster with a microphone on it. The mic started fusing into itself. If you can imagine that It looked like an H bomb had gone off to the left of the mic and it was being incinerated. Very starnge. Closed eye visuals were very strong by now. I was seing long tunnels of psychadelic jacks that seemed to be headed towards one bright light source. I didn't get to enjoy that for long though because my friend started to freak a little bit. He started complaining that he couldn't breath right and so I talked him out of his freak attack. We then laid on his bed looking at his floor. I saw all kinds of faces just smiling at me from the floor. My friend saw a small city rise out of his floor!! At this point we decided to head outside and enjoy the humid Texas night.

11:45 p.m. When we got outside the locusts were humming normally but they sounded very, very strange!! Everything looked really rich. Colors were greatly enhanced. When I focused on the top of the hill leading away from his driveway and just stared at the top of the hill the trees surrounding the road would start moving towards the street. The whole landscape started turning to the left oh so subtly. Tire marks moved quite a bit actually and the street itself looked like a river. Soon, some neighbors ame home and my friend got paranoid so we headed back indoors. By that time it seemed like we were coming down a little bit. At least we weren't peaking anymore. I went into the bathroom which was VERY BRIGHT. Or so it seemed. While I was standing there taking a leak looking down into the bowl the walls in the side of my plain of vision looked like liquid and were flowing at a downward angle proportional to the tilt of my head. I thought that was neat but then I looked in the mirror. If I focused on my eye I could make the rest of my face morph and age!! I saw myself age very rapidly but it didn't scare me. I just kept telling myself that I was high and not to worry. That really worked well.

By this point we had lost track of time and we just sat around watching Telletubbies. HIGHLY RECOMENDABLE!!!!

All in all we had a very pleasurable trip. We intend to do it again soon. For any of you first timers considering making the plunge into psychadelia I recommend you start with a small dose. Just so you can get a grip on the psychological changes that you are in for. Once you've mastered that you can master your trip. The trip is only what you make of it. Do it with close friends and only with people you know you can trust. Otherwise you'll get paranoid. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Have fun and be safe.

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