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midnight drive

i bought an 1/8 with my friend from the local DD.

i bought an 1/8 with my friend from the local DD. i ate all of it within 30 min (8:30pm) , it was my first time.

things i felt in order of time:

9:00pm= giggly, leaves seemed to glow in the bushes even at night and in my friends house bright colors seemed kinda like a pastel tone. the carpet and the walls were breathing. yet it was a happy feeling.

11:00= driving home (about 20 mile) in the fog was like a magical dream. lights made the fog glow in differnt colors. it was the most briliant thing ive ever seen. i was kind of in a fairy like state.

11:30= once i got home i sat in my car for atleast 30 minutes because the opra music i was listening to was seriously blowing my mind. it seemed like the coolest thing on the radio. i dont like opra usually but this ladies voice was sinking into my bones. having to sneek into my house so i wouldnt get caught by my parents i seems to feel like i gained 50 lbs. clumbsy.

1:00= stitting in my room i felt like froto from lord of the rings. i seriusly thought i was a hobbit! the tv was on but stairing at the cieling was way more interesting. i was seeing trippy celtic like designs on my walls. i was in a total state of uphoria.

3:00= i tryed to go to sleep but i felt like a buttfly in a cacuun. crazy. time seemed stop. sometimes it felt like days went by when only few minutes have and sometime it felt the opposite.

i cant member the times after that but the last big effect was my brain thinking about everything. i couldnt stop it. shapes started to melt and i got double vision. sounds sounded slowed down like if you play a recording slowly. my bed room was the happy hobbit land in the dark and my bath room was the evil forest! at times i felt like shrek.

i didnt go to sleep the hole night but the effect wore off by about 5 o'clock.

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