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Mexicana/Phils stone truffs

Well, i ordered some of these off a site after finding out they are legal in the UK,The dose was 10grams; i heard that 5-10 grams was a light trip, and 10-15 a medium, and 15-20 very strong.

Well, i ordered some of these off a site after finding out they are legal in the UK,

The dose was 10grams; i heard that 5-10 grams was a light trip, and 10-15 a medium, and 15-20 very strong...

The reason for taking these shrooms as oppose to getting the p cubes was simply because I didn’t wan’t to lose total control, so that I could remain fairly lucid around my friends/.family.

i was quite tired, but i took the whole dose, then sat down on the computer and played some mp3s while waiting to come up, after about 10 minutes, very little effect, 15 minutes past and I went into the main room to watch a bit of tv and wait further for the come up, as I sat down about 5 mins more past, at this point I was clearly stoned and felt weird, but no visuals, so I started to get the normal “oh no I havn’t taken enough” feeling, but I waited, and went to lie down and wait for the come up to come on strongly, as I sat down I was looking hard at the wall to see if I could make out any patterns, I felt a strong “coming up” pulsing feeling throughout my body at the time aswell, looking at the wall I noticed the whole pattern on the wall would change, and “switch” , and the wall became blurry, it was clear I was coming up nicly, so I looked at a picture I had on my wall, and it seemed I had the power to make things change, if I looked at them long enough, so after looking at the picture for quite some time, well maybe 10 secs:D, it would change a morph, into all sorts of shapes, , but at the same time I was able to act normal and carry on having fun with my friends/family., music was not as rich as I had noticed on p cubes, but was better for sure, so to save some time in this report, I tried lots of different things, playing games, music, ect, throughout the whole thing the basics would stay the same, I would have to “work/start at an object to get the cool effects. But still it was very interesting, after about 5 hours tripping, (shrooms are meant to last 6 hours) I decided I would end the trip, probably the reason for wanting to do this was the fact that I was very tired, and this probably made the trip heavier, I said good bye to the shrooms land, “nice traveling with ya, but I ‘m off” , and had a vit c tablet, some vit c drinks, and some food, after this, I felt better, but still tripping, I felt better in the way that I didn’t feel so sick (DON’T trip on a completely empty stomach, at least eat something small after you have come up, If u don’t u will likely have a sick feeling through the trip as I did.

So after this, I walked outside into my yard, and watched the moon, it was amazing, although I was coming down fairly fast and not tripping as much as I did before, I enjoyed watching the moon turn into different shapes, and faces,

In short, do more than 10 grams, maybe 14-15 for a medium trip, as having to start to see visuals can be a pain, this is a GREAT shroom if u, like me, don’t, or can’t lose control.

Thanks, hope this was helpful, excuse any spelling mistakes as I didn’t have much of a chance to spell check it.

The shroomer LeioIN

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