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metal blueberries

about 3 weeks ago, i bought just enough for myself and my best friend tom.

about 3 weeks ago, i bought just enough for myself and my best friend tom. i told him that i finally got some shrooms so we can go to a rave with them. that night it was a saturday he told me to take an off road in deer valley-arizona to get to the rave, we were both anxiously awaiting the tangy taste of tang and powdered p.c. we both had two big water bottles filled with it, while we walked around drinking the tang we looked at all the faces shining in the electric blue flashes dancing around to trance type music. while we waited i looked for some other people that might be all fucked up just for the fun of it. we started to trip after awhile of jumping around, while i was jumping my legs felt like rubber and i couldnt feel my feet but i could feel the impact up in my thighs. ireached down and felt my legs and i couldnt feel them it was like i was grabbing someone elses legs but they were really hard kind of like metal, as i moved around i stop in a spot that smelt really good like blueberries and i froze up hardcore, i couldnt blink or twitch at all so i just stood around in the spot until i gained conciousness, i wasnt on the floor anymore, i woke up on the bed of my bronco with two other people, two girls that were talking, i laid there for what seemed to be 15 minutes but i think it was less than 3. one of the girls smelled like the spot on the floor, both smelled like blueberries, the other girl i think her name was jana or something, she was really nice to me, i ended up taking her home and gladly got to know her. anyways, tom told me he barfed because of the vodka he mixed with his shroom-tang i guess i was glad he ran out of it and didnt put any in mine.
-i would rate this a two because i couldnt remember most of my trip, all i know i was a plesant one and not a bad one like some of my other shroom trips ive had- L8r

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